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Thank You for All Your Help!!!

Thank You for All Your Help!!!

 April 16th 2013-

Just over 3 months have passed since we finished our walk. Today, looking back, I realized just how incomplete the list below had become. In the beginning of our journey we would write down the name of nearly anyone who stopped to speak with us, and dog ear those who had helped us out in any way. This quickly got overwhelming; so many wonderful people extended helping hands. To give you an idea, this list was created 18 days after we started our 181 day journey. That being said, we want to thank everyone who stopped to give words of encouragement, water, money, a place to stay, food, or anything else that made our trip more enjoyable. We fell in love all of you; I am constantly reminded of all the generosity. So once again... Thank You for all your help, you made our trip wonderfully unforgetable.

To our family and friends, both new and old,

Levi and Shikira


We would like to extend our upmost gratitude to:
Mom and Dad (Charlene and Tab)
Mom and Dad (Feliz and Brian)
Sierra and Weston Waterson
Kayla and Zeph Delgado
Mema and Grandpa Bill
Grammy Karen and Grandpa John
Kirk Berger
The McDaniels
Sean and Jennifer Sullivan
Kelsey Whitthoft
Ted Alboro
Geoff and Tory White
Chris and Keith Waterson
Uncle Nick
Tina and Becky
Brendan Repicky
Deanna Vitale
Rose and Dawson
Lynnett and Dan Elliott
Jordan Funk
Uncle Mickey
Rick Danielowski
Thomasine Lutz
New Jersey bike lady
Kind lady with two children (Ben)
Carol and Gabby
The Grieser Family
Laura and Kim
Jay L.
Mary Charles
Nicki and Rebecca
The Flarhety Family
Troy and Diana
The Anderson Family
Emma Lee and Kyle
The Bosted Family
Bob, Tank, and Jersey
Janice and Pattsy
The Dooleys

The Kind Man at King's Pizza

aswell as anyone who has helped make this journey a reality. To those who have supported us financially, hosted us, or otherwise helped we want you to know that your generosity is noted and will be payed forward in years to come.

Thanks again,
Shikira and Levi