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June Update
Day 181- Our Journey Complete
Day 180- The Last Full Day
Day 179- Lianna and Friends
Day 178- A Nice Hotel
Day 177- Mall Watching
Day 176- Massage Chair
Day 175- Engagement
Day 174- Palm Springs
Day 173- Sushi Time
Day 172- Jacuzzi
Day 171- First Time Tent Camping
Day 170- A Day Off
Day 169- Abuela's B-Day
Day 168- We Are Back
Day 167- Christmas Hiatus
Day 166- Lethal
Day 165- Cinnamon Rolls
Day 164- Not Yet California
Day 163- Thirty Miles
Day 162- Fresh Wheels
Day 161- Night Walking
Day 160- Rainy Tent Time
Day 159- I Love Coffee
Day 158- Casual Canal
Day 157- Sketchy
Day 156- Homestay Day
Day 155- Old Friends
Day 154- Dreaded Tunnel
Day 153- Globe Trotter
Day 152- Back At It
Day 151- Relaxation
Day 150- The Good Life
Day 149- Salt River Canyon
Day 148- Pee Pants
Day 147- Good Grubbin'
Day 146- Visitors from Home
Day 145- No Ice Morning
Day 144- Springerville Bound
Day 143- One State Away
Day 142- Animal Thief
Day 141- Record Mileage
Day 140- Open Land
Day 139- Ranger Station
Day 138- Acoma
Day 137- Thanksgiving
Day 136- Zero Dollar Day
Day 135- A Beautiful View
Day 134- More of Albuquerque
Day 133- Albuquerque
Day 132- Fifteen Degrees
Day 131- Camping in the Open
Day 130- Seventeen Straight
Day 129- Abandoned, but Warm
Day 128- The Land of Thorns
Day 127- Decisions
Day 126- Dind't Make It
Day 125- Goodbyes
Day 124- Loud Wind
Day 123- Through Tucumcari
Day 122- Add Two Nights to That
Day 121- Turn of Events
Day 120- New Mexican Truck Stop
Week 17- Budget Update
Day 119- Cafe? Why Not!
Day 118- Picking up the Pace
Day 117- Through Amarillo
Day 116- Ja Rule
Day 115- The Big Texan
Day 114- Stuffed and Happy
Day 113- Better at Last
Day 112- Recovery
Day 111- Good Food, Rough Day
Day 110- Twenty Two Degrees
Day 109- Coyotes
Day 108- Texas
Day 107- The Best Gatorade
Day 106- Sick Day
Day 105- The Flamingo
Day 104- KOA is a Ripoff
Day 103- Wind Beat Food Coma Hotel
Day 102- Free Meals
Day 101- Tunnel Camping
Day 100- Tee Pee
Day 99- Sutures are Stiches
Day 98- Out of the City
Day 97- De Ja Vu
Day 96- Oklahoma City
Day 95- Security
Day 94- Trolls for the Night
Day 93- Friendly Librarians
Day 92- Fear the Freeze
Day 91- Avoiding the Freeze
Day 90- Homesickness
Day 89- Salon Sleeping
Day 88- Watermelon
Day 87- Back to Camping
Day 86- Oklahoma
Day 85- Packless, Completely
Day 84- Eazy Peazy
Day 83- We Made it to Paris!
Day 82- Bugs for Fun
Day 81- Rainy Days
Day 80- Squeaky Clean
Day 79- I Love Mexican Food
Day 78- Gas Station Camping
Day 77- Nice Dogs
Day 76- Gravel Road
Day 75- Sweet Shades
Day 74- Bad Blister
Day 73- Refuge from the Mosquitoes
Day 72- Wild Hogs
Day 71- Wet and Rainy
Day 70- Memphis into Arkansas
Day 69- Half of Memphis
Day 68- Third Rest Day
Day 67- Good Laughs and Good Food
Day 66- Paradise?
Day 65- Room on the Captain
Day 64- Packless
Day 63- Beech Bluff Bound
Day 62- Many Thanks
Day 61- Burning Mercedes
Day 60- More Heat
Day 59- Hot Hot Weather to a Thunderstorm
Day 58- Unexpected Homestay
Day 57- Downtown Date
Day 56- Lounging
Day 55- Long Wonderful Day
Day 54- Heat, Rain, Sweaty Tent
Day 53- A Campfire
Day 52- Swimming Day
Day 51- Rusty Hip to Kudzu Cave
Day 50- Cheese Dip
Day 49- Waterfall
Day 48- Into Kingston
Day 47- Publicly Hydrated
Day 46- Seeing Knoxville
Day 45- Movie Time
Day 44- We Are Back
Day 43- Officially Starting Our Hiatus
Day 42- Into Knoxville
Day 41-An Earlier Hiatus than Expected
Day 40-Not Happy with the Rain
Day 39- Clinch This and Clinch That
Day 38- Pipsweak
Day 37-Escaping the Rain
Day 36-Back on the Road
Day 35- Rest Day #2
Day 34- Bad Parenting
Day 33- Another 27 Mile Day
Day 32- Motivating the Beat
Day 31- One Month Down
Day 30- What are the Chances
Day 29- Bear Essentials
Day 28- A Productive Half Day
Day 27- Let's Get to a Town
Day 26- Momentum
Day 25- Two Showers
Day 24- Start of the country stores
Day 23- Sloped Camping
Day 22- If Only it Were the Average
Day 21- Dreaded Poison Ivy
Day 20- Starting Off Fresh
Day 19- A Wonderful Day
Day 18- Water!
Day 17- A Diner to Rule Them All
Day 16- Back on the Road
Day 15- Appalachian Trail
Day 14- A Semi-Rest Day
Day 13- Gettysburg
Day 12- Feels Like a New Beginning
Day 11- The Swing of Things
Day 10- Lan-"kiss"-ter bound
Day 9- A Slow Pace
Day 8- Well Rested and Motivated by Kindness
Day 7- We Rest
Day 6- Settling In
Day 5- Grumpy
Day 4- A Holiday of Sorts
Day 3-A Good Day
Day 2- its going to get harder before it gets easy
Day 1, July 1st- Gracious-ness
Day 0 - New York on the 30th of July
Bigger than Us: Walking for Charity
Pending Route
In the Beginning