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Day 25- Two Showers

Day 25- Two Showers


Levi and I woke up late on day 25, because my phone had died and we didn't have an alarm clock. We took advantage of being near a creek and washed some clothes and our bodies. It had been since the hotel that we last washes ourselves and was much needed. By ten thirty we gas finally started walking for the day. A few miles in we met father and son, both by the name Collin, and they let us know we were soon approaching the next country store that many referred to as the "Deerfield Mall."
We decided to get another one of those Hunt's Brothers pizzas again and sat and ate it while talking to a handful of local Deerfield men. Ice cream made for a delish dessert. We ended up leaving without spending anything, since the people we were chatting with treated us.  We heard that the next store was quite a ways away, buy we had enough food to last us. Water was the thing that made me nervous, because we usually fill up at the stores. Luckily, a man stopped in his truck and said we could fill our bottles at his house right ahead. We also got a little piece of home when we met their mule, Sheridan, who came all the way from UC Davis! They also helped us out by drawing a little map complete with where the nearest country store was.
On we went and it was easy walking since it was all slightly downhill. About four miles down we were stopped by an older gentleman pulling out of his driveway in his truck. We chatted and took him up on the offer to fill our waters. When we entered his beautiful home we met his wife Chris. Thecouple invited us to stay and we could not resist. Immediately they made us feel comfortable in their home. We showed up and Chris put all our dirty laundry in the wash.
Then Levi and I went downstairs and chatted with Chris and Bill for hours over cheese and crackers. Chris also kept filling my wine glass which made my nights sleep even better. It got late fast since we are all enjoying each others company, and I was so happy to crawl into a big comfy bed with a million pillows. It was such a great homestay.
Extra Clean,