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Day 29- Bear Essentials

Day 29- Bear Essentials


A lot of experience and not a dime spent. This was a good day. Well, to tell the truth, the beginning of the day was a tad boring. We followed a long straight unshaded road most of the day. Kira and I felt the weight of the packs more than ussual. We did get to take a pic with Bill and Meg (who would later make a generous donation) and the two of them really made us smile. Later in the day Kip would invite us in to Betty's house to top off the water bottles.
Gap Mills was the only town around for miles and the section we came through was ran by Mennonites. Obviously that wasn't not an issue except that it was sunday so nothing was open and no one was out.
We walked a ways further until meeting a family that was gazing upon a distant bear. It was nice to see out first black bear and even better since it was at a distance. The man in the car told us they were more scared of us than we are of them and that if we shouted they would run off.
Low and behold, after setting up our tent and getting comfy, we hear a loud noise in the not so distance grass. A couple moments later we I hear something exhale loudly through it's nose. This sounded a bit bigger than a raccoon so I got out of the tent to check on things. Next thing I know I am staring a bear square in the face. We stood for a second looking at one another. "Shoo, go away," I shouted and then in ran off. At this point Kira had gotten out of the tent and asked what it was. I told her it was a bear and then climbed up the tree behind me to see where it had gone. Kira froze and I told her to come quickly so that we could could keep an eye on things from the high ground. She was a statue and was not about to budge. After calming her down we made a plan of action in case Kira ran into a bear. We both slept great regardless of the threat of a bear. With our food and supplies hung high in the tree we really had no reason to worry. Long story short, I fought off a bear today and all was well.

Yours truly,