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Day 30- What are the Chances

Day 30- What are the Chances


We started are day on Zenith Rd./Rt 15/Rt. 29/.../.../ the road that couldn't choose one name. Yesterday it was two lanes and today it was one lane. We did end up coming to the the end of our lonesome mountain journey as we popped out of Zenith Rd next to a church that marked the edge of civilization.
We decided that the church would be a perfect place to eat lunch. We sat at real live picnic tables next to a spicket that supplied free and easily accessible water. So accessible that Shikira and I washed our hair right there in the shade of the picnic area.
Then things got really odd. After stopping at our first store in 2 days we were stopped by Darrell Mann who claimed he had run across America in 1994. We had no reason to distrust him except that he was much older than you would expect for a man who had run across America about 20 years prior. He told us he was over 70 years old and since he wasn't wearing a shirt we could see that he was not only very tan but also in great shape.
He offered to pick us up 8 miles down the road and treat us to dinner and a place to shower and sleep. We agreed to meet him 3 hours later in the next town.
Him arrived as promised to meet us at a local buffet where he would also treat us to a great meal. We compared journeys. He told us how he ran across America in his 50's. He would run 26-50 miles a day and in the beginning he would push a bike then ride it back to his truck and drive to the place where he finished his run. Really it was Luke he was making three trips across America.
We also got to meet his son and daughter-in-law, as well as there fout kids and two nieces. Over cake we went through a box of Darrels memories. He had hats, rocks and rattle snake rattles saved from his journey. What a great evening we had. We went to sleep full of cake and very clean.