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Day 38- Pipsweak

Day 38- Pipsweak


No issues in the woods behind Hob Nob Drive In. They weren't open, however, until 11am so we just started walking. Luckily not to long into our day we stumbled upon a peach dealer. Three large peaches for a dollar supplemented our campstove breakfast. We sat on a pallet on the edge of the road and enjoyed the sweet fruits before heading on.
Not to long after heading down a smaller road with a creek running along side we saw a litter clean up crew. They had a little mascot chihuahua which was adorable, it followed us for moment then headed back to the women in orange. About a half mile later here comes this little brown dog once again running up from behind. Althought it was cute, Kira was not really happy because she was looking for a place to take a poop and she didn't want the woment to come looking for this guy mid wipe. Well Pipsweak, as I named her, followed us for a ways longer and we began to wonder if it really belonged to those women. We eventually decided it was a local and Kira cut off the road to relieve herself. Unfortunatly Pipsweak was hungery for her "number two" and was pestering her the entire time. After she was done and had given up on stopping our little friend, Miss Pips ran down to munch, much to Kiras dismay. We couldn't stay mad at this little guy and even after Pipsweak's lunch Kira got a pic.I thought we had adopted the little guy since it had followed us for over a mile. Unfortunatly it took off not to long after I got really attached.
We interacted with a ton of dogs throughout the rest of the day and almost no people. Although there have been a ton of nice dogs (and many mean ones), Pipsweak stood out among the crowd. We got really close to macing a few of the angery dogs as they didn't stop at the road side as we had expected, barking at us and snarling all the way into the street.
We wound up finding a nice spot to finish off our day. It was definitly on someones property but the grass was tall and we had a lot of trees to cover us. Kira fell asleep fast and I was left to listen to many loud animals. There was a creek not to far off and sometimes the water sounds almost human, which worried me a bit.
Yours Truly,