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Day 39- Clinch This and Clinch That

Day 39- Clinch This and Clinch That


We were on Clinch Valley rd or Clinch Mountain or Clinch something for a majority of the day. All we wanted was to see a small store or gas station all morning. People kept giving us mixed signals on whether we would be arriving at one. Eventually we compiled the information and decided we had 13 miles till we would come across a place to get some food. Due to constantly thinking a store was around each corner, we fought off the morning hunger until we got off the unlined mountain roads and onto a bigger lined road where we sat down for some instant mashed potatoes. With a proper meal in mind we kept pushing forward until we reached the "Last Chance Deli" 7 miles or so ahead of our expectations.

One thing we have found out is that "Deli" does not mean fresh sliced meats and artisan cheeses in these rural areas. It means frozen gas station hamburgers and fried chicken fries (questionable if chicken is even an ingredient). Non the less, we managed to scarf down a ton of food and stock up on supplies (cheez-its and airheads). Needless to say we are really looking forward to a good meal. We did leave full and in a good mood.

The temperature had risen and we were walking in some intense sun. We had to ask a family to fill our water bladder and even well hydrated the sun force us to take frequent breaks. Two small stores for drinks and candy kept our energy up. Once attendant warned of mean people in the area and suggested a camping spot. I don't really like people to know where we will be sleeping so we opted to find our own spot.

We walked and walked and walked until it was dark and still we weren't sure where to bed down. Luckily church road presented us with an oppurtunity and although we couldn't see for sure if there were no houses around we decided to bed down in a field under some power lines. Many loud trucks roared passed and the sound of a main road sounded really close. We put on the rain fly (which is green) for a little extra camouflage. It must of worked because we made it through the night.