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Day 47- Publicly Hydrated

Day 47- Publicly Hydrated


To All,
We finally gained some good miles on Kingston Pike today. Our day started off great with breakfast at Ron and Bettys place. She dropped us off around 10 at the Rice King and we got to walking.
We stopped to check out a garage sale even though we couldn't afford to carry any more weight. A nice man gave us two cold waters which really helped us shake the heat.
Around noon we had to decide whether or not to walk an extra .8 miles to lunch or hope for something many miles up. We ended up taking on the extra 1.6 mile round trip lunch to Ruby Tuesday. The food was great and the manager picked up our tab. We will most certainly keep out eye out for another one of these. Kira ate so much salad she nearly made herself sick.
Not to long after lunch Kira saw a Kitten that had been hit by a car. It was really difficult and neither of us wanted to look, but it was still moving and one frantic lady even got out of her car to see if she could help. We wondered how the poor thing had gotten to the street in the first place.
On a happier not we received two more bottles of water from a stranger in a Subaru.
A man named Michael who had spotted us on the news invited us in too fill up our water bottles. He had a very nice family and a very clean home which Shikira liked.
At one point we stopped in a small country store. When we stepped inside we were hit in the face with the smell of cigarette smoke. Many of the items for sale looked as if they had been on the shelves for years and things were in no specific order. One side of the store had an old living room set and was littered with porcelain dolls. An older lady that was the source of the smell came over to ask of we were looking for anything. We wanted ice cream and she pointed us to an old freezer that was filled with all sorts of old foods and a couple of cones. She sat in her rocking chair near the register and when we asked how much we owed her she just told us to eat up.
The rest of the day was a series of run ins with a man named Ron who was driving back and forth to Kingston. Once he passed with a beer in his lap, then without one, time after time stopping to say hi and ask questions. On his final visit he said he visited this site and offered up two gatorades, telling us he was an activist aswell. We smiled and bid him adieu.
Eventually it got late and Kira was ready to camp, which made since because we were getting real close to Kingston. We found a spot near a "no dumping" sign. Lots of mosquitos and a yappy dog in the distance, this spot wasn't great but it did the trick.
Thanks to all who kept us hydrated today,

P.S. before we left Ron and Bettys house I got a pic with their claw foot tub,