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Day 48- Into Kingston

Day 48- Into Kingston


For some odd reason Kingston seemed like a milestone. I was really excited to arrive. Up late, we marched into town with food on our minds (as always). Someone pulled over just as we were about to hit the main part of town and suggested a chinese food place. That sounded good, but it was really hard not to stop sooner, as there were many places to eat prior. Chinese food breakfast at 11 o'clock and Kira was tickled by the Piggily-Wiggly next door so we took a picture.

Rite-Aid didn't have ice cream so we decided to go for a swim in the river for dessert. The water was nice. It was warm on top and refreshingly cool beneath.

Once on foot again we passed a marina on our way out of town and tucked in just next to it was a small place with signs for ice cream. We poked our heads inside and Andras said he had ice cream just for us. We didn't realize that we had stepped into his catering headquarters, we thought it was a small cafe or something. He was a Hungarian man with a passion for food and an upbeat spirit. He offered us hot peppers, which we turned down, and then treated us to the ice cream we craved. He gave us his card and told us that if we were to need any help he would hop in the Mercedes and pick us up, as far as Colorado. Kira and I believed he really would have and we believed that of all the people we've met he would have been the one we would have felt most comfortable calling.

Onward-Hoe, we walked a ways. Running parrellel to the main roads on smaller side roads we made our way to another marina. This one had a bar attached. We picked up two sodas and sat in the bar for a while, resting our feet. Just off the dock sat two logs that were covered with turtles.

We had El Patron for dinner. They delivered cheese dip to our table which was strange because it was a menu item. We would find out on our bill that it was given to us by mistake and that we would be paying for it. Fortunately it was extremely tasty and we were more than willing.

It looked like we would be headed uphill to the end of our day. Luckily a man stopped to ask if we would like to stay at his place a mile up the mountain. Leary at first, he offered a guest house and a shower. We powered up that hill singing songs about showers and dreaming about being clean. Sure enough a little more than a mile up that hill our savior awaited.

Jim welcomed us in. He took us over to the guest house, which was actually a three bedroom home, and suggested the room in the back of the house next to the bathroom. He left us to our own regard and said that if we would like to join him on the back deck of his home we would be more than welcome. After showering we headed to his house which was just down the driveway. He offered us some drinks and we lounged for a while telling stories. The view from his deck was great and we could see to smoke stacks that we had passed in Kingston prior that day. They seemed a long ways off and I was happy that we had finally got our momentum back.

Off to bed in our private room; we called our family and friends. It really is nice knowing that you can charge the devices that keep you in contact with your loved ones.

To a really fun day, full of good food and many miles,