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Day 50- Cheese Dip

Day 50- Cheese Dip


Levi and I slept great in our tucked away spot. We knew Crossville was about 12 miles away and were looking forward to lunch. The walk there was pretty, but not much happened. We did get the chance to chat with Rosie and Mike who were really nice. The weather was once again very hot and humid. After about 3 hours we saw a sign for Cancun Mexican Restaurant, and we were definitely ready for lunch. So, we discovered cheese dip at El Patron, and we had it again this day. This stuff is great! I have not seen something like it in Cali, but it is like a white cheese fondue deliciousness. I think I talk about food quite a bit on this trip :)

After lunch we ran into Levon who was very involved with local parks and landscape preservation. He happened to have a son who lived not far from my hometown too and was going to visit him the next day! What a small world.

We made it to Crossville which was a nice little town. We took a rest in the hot heat with a cold drink. We then made it to the edge of Crossville and went into a gas station where we(I) had an encounter with a guy. I noticed he looked at me right away and from the corner of my eye was staring for some time. When I thought he had left Levi and I had got up to leave, but I realized he was purchasing something else. He bought me a coke and offered it by extending his arm as far as it could reach. I said thanks, and I also noticed that he was a bit slow. We walked in opposite directions, and I waved a thank you from a distance. Well, about 10 minutes later Levi and I were talking about him when we heard a noise from behind and there he was! He walked up and handed me a $20 bill. Again, I said thank you and we asked his name-Jose. Jose was kind of bashful and he must  have ran to catch up to us, because the beer he had purchased was dropped off at his house already and we were a ways down the street. We asked a few questions, but it was hard to understand him. The whole interaction was strange and yet very genuine. Levi and I talked a ways about it.

Before we knew it the sun was going down fast. We thought we would be fine finding a camping spot, but homes were tucked away everywhere and we were close to walking in the dark. Luckily, Andy pulled over and asked if we needed a place to crash. We walked down a side street to his house and met his wife, Rebecca. They were awesome! Reminded me of some Santa Cruz folk. They were expecting their first child any day (even told us it might be that night) and invited us in for some chocolate cake and a shower. We sat for a while and chatted in their gorgeous home before going out to our tent all clean and refreshed for an early nights sleep.

Doing well,