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Day 51- Rusty Hip to Kudzu Cave

Day 51- Rusty Hip to Kudzu Cave


Shak-town got up up early and updated her journal while I slept in till 7:30. Rebecca bid a fairwell with a card and a recomendation for Yanni's. So we were off to Sparta to what we thought was a greek eatery.

We knew we wouldn't make it all the way without a bite to eat. We stopped at a tiny cafe to fuel up for the walk. We talked with a cute older couple who sat on the same side of the table (presumably so that they could watch the television. We chatted for a while about the poor health of the cafe owners child, she was soon to pass and it looked like the place would be closing down for a few days during this hard time. You could tell the couple ate there everyday. Beyond that we talked about the beauty of the area and how much health care cost these days. Recently our conversations have revolved around religion, politics, and health.

After a long hot walk into Sparta we came to Yanni's. The food was a cross between american, greek and italian. One lady chatted our ear off about how chicken poop (which she used as fertalizer for her garden) ruined her lungs. Althought we enjoyed her convo, we were hungery and when our food came out we wanted to eat instead of listen. The food was the best we had had in some time. Perfectly full, we hit the pavement with hopes of continuing to gain milage.

Kira's hip began to act up right away and I could tell it wasn't a good idea to walk to far before camping. Not to far out of town we found a patch of Kudzu at the top of a clay mound. Across the street was a beatiful brick home, so we burrowed into the brush with our pocket knifes. We cleared a cave out for us to set up the tent so that we would be visible from the street. Someone had been drank a lot of two liter bottles of soda in the same place because the empty bottles were all around (vodka aswell). Since it was early in the evening I left Kira to get some snacks and calypso lemonade drinks. We laughed all evening and played a dice game called "blisters." Kira doesn't like the name and opted to call it "buckle." To bed we went with smiles on our faces.

To a day of good eats and good times,