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Day 54- Heat, Rain, Sweaty Tent

Day 54- Heat, Rain, Sweaty Tent

Hello hello,
We piled up the supplies that the Mason family left us with and hit the road well rested. Joes place was rumored the only breakfast place in town and so that's where we headed. The food was pretty good, but not too filling. We chatted with the locals and Vannessa was kind enough to pick up our tab. Charlie the owner treated us like close friends and sent us on our way with full water bottles.
Picked up some floss and headed down the road. Still rather hungery we stopped at a filling station for some fresh eats. As we were about to leave some men with collars asked us about our trip.
The men met up with us a ways down the road. The shoulder was really wide and they were able to pull off in front of us. One man got out and jumped right into a preachy speech about Jehovah and his vision. I didn't appreciate being talked to like a child. We read the pamphlet as we walked on.
Later down the road a nice woman with a fresh tattoo stopped to take a photo and help with directions. It looked like it would be a few miles befor we would be able to get off this busy road.
Eventually we did and this new road was much more pleasant to walk on, less traffic and less noise. We saw the lady with the tattoo again, this time out outside her house.
A man chatted with us about Peter Jenkins book for a while before we semi-showered under a church house. Hanging out under the church awning while a mid-day shower passed over we got ready to head into Murfreesboro.
We wound up heading a lot further into town than we had planned, which allowed us to eat a great Mexican food dinner. We had signal and used google to scope a wooded area in the middle of town.
The watershed was our campsite for the evening. With rumors of bad wether we set the tent up with the rain fly and it was miserably hot. The mosquitoes were out in full force so we were trapped in this oven looking out of our tent at a Keith Stone billboard. We weren't to far off the road. We played low and played dice games until we hit the sack early in order to avoid the heat. The rain never did wind up developing (which I guess was a good thing).
To sweating the night away,