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Day 59- Hot Hot Weather to a Thunderstorm

Day 59- Hot Hot Weather to a Thunderstorm


Hey There,
Theresa insisted that we sleep in as long as we wanted, so it felt great to so just that. Levi and I went downstairs and sat at the bar drinking coffee, talking with Theresa and David, and trying different cantaloupes from the garden searching for good ones. We also ate a ton of blueberry/strawberry muffins as well before loading in the F350 to return to our pickup spot.
On out way out David and Theresa drove us around their property. Not only did they have a beautiful home, but everything surrounding it was gorgeous. We said our goodbyes and thanks and started off again where we left off. Levi realized right away he left his hat, and they kindly went back to get it for him. Thank goodness it was found- I didn't realize how attached he is to it and he would have been devastated to have lost it.
Our walk was long on one road all morning and it was very hot and humid! We had passed a gas station when driving into town the night before, so we were counting on that for lunch. Levi was feeling kind of sick, so knowing he didn't feel one hundred percent and was still going strong really motivated me. We finally made it the twelve miles without stopping to the gas station where we sat, relaxed, and finished a pizza.
I was struck by the heat when we left and headed down a new highway. We stopped for a min and had plans of walking another hour, but soon after we saw so much good camping that we decided to stop. We weren't sure about putting up our rain fly and decided not to because of how much hotter it makes the tent. Well, I text my dad to ask him to check the weather, and before he could even get back to me we heard the rain quickly arriving. We ran out and put on the rainfly quickly. It poured! Levi forgot one stake in the back and was soaked in the min he was out fixing it. Unfortunately, there were spots on the tent that did not take to the waterproofing and a ton of water was leaking in the tent. We used shirts and towels to stop as much as we could and stayed pretty dry on our sleeping pads. We also put our packs in a garbage bag, so they stayed relatively dry The thunder and lightening was insane! I was honestly a little scared, but it passed within a couple hours and we were still able to get some shut eye. Goodness this weather is nothing like Cali!
Staying Dry,