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Day 61- Burning Mercedes

Day 61- Burning Mercedes


Hello again,
Into Linden we went. Yesterday Eric and Jared suggested the only to breakfast places in town. The first for the grocery store, so we stopped to see how the food would be. Unhappy with the way things looked, we headed across the Street to the Commodore. It was a restored hotel from years past. Furthermore, it seemed to be the heart of downtown.
Not too long after we sat down to eat the owner came over to ask us some questions about our journey. He said that he had seen many people on similar journeys in the past few years. The owner he was eating breakfast with the editor of John Deere magazine and thus it seemed as if an interview was in the works. Over came a man to take some pictures and jot down some notes. Our food came and were quick to eat. Neither of us had tried grits and I think I liked them a bit more than Kira. After a little more chatting with the hotel owner about the revival of Linden following a period of extreme unemployment we stepped outside for more picture.
On the road again we realized that it was going to be a hot day. Luckily just before taking on a ling straight road a very down to earth older southern veteran stopped to chat and supplied us each with two cold water bottles.
Down the road a ways we saw a man in a white car maneuvering his car strangely from the street then between to driveways. As we got closer we questioned the purpose of his frantic action. Closer to the action we saw a one armed man with a Mercedes that had caught fire. The engine compartment was up in flames and the owner had seemingly given up on it. The frantic driver turned out to be the local probation officer and he was running about looking for a vessel to scoop water from the nearby pond. Apparently the one armed man had been trying to start his car by pouring gas in the carburetor. The only vessel in site was his gas can. I threw the officer a water bottle which was quickly emptied. Then I hopped the fence to help. The onecarmed man shut the hood and the officer emptied the gas can then filled it with water from the pond. After struggling to get the hood open again he sprayed the engine with the gas can water which flamed things up ten fold. I used my canteen to help. Eventually it was out and the entire wiring system was burnt up. Oh well, at least it didn't burn up the hole car.
Further down the road Kira dodged a wide load semi, landing her foot in an ant mound. The ants began to bite and Kira danced around like a fool.
The temp went up and we walked in 95+ degree heat. Dreaming about a store that we had been told would exist just before the TN river, we finally arrived 10 miles down. It was terrible, but we were under the impression it was the only shop around. I drank a half gallon of milk and a fry pie, while Kira opted for Gatorade and a fruit pie.
After crossing the river we saw a bunch of great eaterys and decided that we would get something to eat at Monroe's, if nothing else to enjoy the air cobditoning. Little did we know they would serve great sndwhiches and hushpuppies. Needless to say we enjoyed second dinner.
Having spent the last two nights in the rain and with word of hail storms tonight we decided to stop and check out some hotels. Before we could walk into our first hotel a.woman warned us that this place was rather shotty. We checked anyways and the lady was right.
She suggested Deer Field Inn in Parsons, so we headed that way. It was 5 miles out, but worth it because it was clean and cheap.
Rice in the camp stove and a great night sleep never did see that storm (although when we woke the ground would be soaked).
To adventure,