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Day 63- Beech Bluff Bound

Day 63- Beech Bluff Bound


Hey everyone,
We woke up out back of the florist shop. All night we could hear coyotes in the distance. Left over burrito and molasses cookies for breakfast, we had the energy we needed to make it to our family friends daughters house.
We saw many dogs throughout the morning, but one dog took an extreme liking to us. This little pooch was a little larger than a Jack Russle and had the markings of a Rottweiler. He immediately cowarded at out feet and sprayed Kira with his urine. He was so giddy and happy that we had to take photos. We then went on our way expecting him to run home to what we assumed was his house.
That was not the case! He followed us for a while and although we told him to go home he didn't listen. 6 miles later and many close calls with speeding vehicles, we needed a break. However, we didn't want to stop because that would mean we would have to interact with our cute new friend.
Finally we broke and sat down for a snack. We discussed a plan of action and I decided to make a harness, if nothing else so that we wouldn't have to watch him get hit by a car. 2 miles later I had taught Rosewell to heel.
We came across the biggest little store in the county and decided to let Rosewell off the leash and see if he hung around while we ate inside.
Jimmy Wells country store was great. The food was simple and tasty. The people were really really fun and nice, even picking up our lunch tab. One man talked with us nearly the entire time we ate and helped us with directions. We heard rumors of a little dig outside and upon leaving Roswell was right where we left him. The store owner knew he was not ours and we wound up sneaking away while Roswell was distracted with a pickup full of dogs.
We thought about our little friend all the way to Ashley's house. The roads got smaller and less maintained and as we got closer to her house we noticed to women walking toward us. We knew we were home for the evening. Ashley, her husband Will, and Zach shared their home with us as if it were our own. Dinner was great, the conversation was better, and little Zach was a basket of smiles. We went to bed late and slept like babies.
To a little dog, a shower, and new friends,

P.S. My mums sent me sine new sandals which I ordered while we were home for the wedding.... New Kicks, _ahoo!