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Day 65- Room on the Captain

Day 65- Room on the Captain


Levi and I had stopped setting alarm clocks a while ago, so it was strange waking up to one again. We dressed, packed up, and then went downstairs to say goodbye and thank you. Mema was going to take her car to the Ford Dealership and get picked up by Ron, her brother in law, so they were kind enough to drop us off where Ashley picked us up the evening before. Thanks again to all of Pam's wonderful family who hosted us and took us in like we were family! We had a great time with "Ya'll" :)

The morning was cool, so walking was nice to warm us up. The whole day we knew we would be on the same highway. About an hour in we stopped at the first gas station we saw to get some food in us. We met Kevin outside who recognized us from Crossville which was a long time back! Once again, it was some hot food they keep and plate up, but it was pretty good. I have been taking a liking to sweet tea too. I do about half sweet and half unsweetened, except even still it is sometimes too sugary! We kept on for a ways and then stopped for a soda a ways down the road. We sat outside, with our backs against the side wall, and sipped our sodas with our hats backwards. Levi also called a couple we had met on the bus from Knoxville to Nashville who said they lived in Bartlett (outside Memphis) and had invited us to stay with them if we came that way. Sure enough, they were happy to take us in and we were quite thankful! We kept walking and the lady at this gas station mentioned that Whiteville was about 10 miles away and she heard good things about the Country Cafe.

Well, not much happened between there and the Country Cafe except Levi and I making up silly songs and collecting any coins we saw along the road. We were really happy to see a BP station, the start of Whiteville, cause it was certainly dinner time. We ended up walking another mile until we reached some food, and it so happened to be Country Cafe. It was nice to see that they had some variety to the usual menu we seee. Our server, Nicki, was kind and even gave us some left over strawberry cake. As we were leaving her husband, Kenny, came in and all of us were chatting about our adventure. While we were eating Levi mentioned checking out how much the Motel 8 (only hotel around) was. I felt like we had been spoiled with so many homestays and a hotel a few days ago that we shouldn't, but it was certainly tempting. Since we were not able to update the website as much as we thought at Ashleys due to enjoying their company instead, and being underbudget, I was conviced. Well, before we made it across the street, Kenny, also the Police Captain, drove over and said "We would like to get you a room for the night!" Wow, we were taken back. It was very generous and very much appreciated that him and Nicki did that for us.

So, we checked in, showered up, and got to updating our website. It was very helpful, because we were far behind and were able to catch up a whole week. We enjoyed another night not sleeping on our sleeping pads and the chance to watch a little tv.