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Day 70- Memphis into Arkansas

Day 70- Memphis into Arkansas


Continental Breakfast saves us twenty bucks and as usual we leave just before.check out.
On our way into downtown we stop at Sun Studios (where Elvis recorded) to pick up some postcards. We walk into the heart of Memphis and watch the street performers on Beale St. After walking and chatting with the locals we worked up an appetite and got some opinions on the local eateries. Blues city cafe offered up a platter of tamales and some great soup. We ate theahority and saved the rest for a road snack.
After killing time until the opening of the Civil Rights Museum we were finally ready to head in. The museum was built onto the site of MLK's assassination. We got the audio tour and it was wonderful. Kira and I took a history of the 60's class it this felt like the grand finally.
Finally we were on the way into Arkansas. The bridge over the Mississippi River was sketchy at best. The air off the big rigs felt like it was going to throw us into the water and all the access holes on the walkway were open. We did however make it into Arkansas safely.
Gravel roads right from the get go. I didn't think that we would jump into rural Arkansas right away, but many cars were passing us on the gravel and all were rather nice. Our directions lead us into a farmer's field on a road that was clearly closed and clearly not a road. We stepped over the gate and began walking tractor trails into the soybean fields. Two and a half miles down this dirt maze we heard a man yell to us. Turning around.he asked if we knew it was a private road and we told him there were no signs prohibiting us and that google lead us his way. He was upset mainly because he was bow hunting in the woods next to the path. He told us just to continue on, so we did.
Through swarms of mosquitoes we made our way back onto real roads and even found a place to camp. Just before nightfall we cleared the ground in the only patch of trees around. Unsure about the weather we put the rainfly on and hit the sack.
To a new state,