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Day 73- Refuge from the Mosquitoes

Day 73- Refuge from the Mosquitoes


Hey All,

Didn't sleep to well after the mystery mammal snarl barked at us last night, so this morning we took a couple of hours of daylight to sleep. We still got on the road decently early and headed toward Wynne. Upon arrival we stopped at the Wallmart for a new journal for Kira and got some suggestions on where to eat. Kelly's Buffet seemed to be the best option. We walked into the nicest buffet we have been to in a long while. Salad, soft serve, and lots of great tasting meat things (and coffee... I love coffee). We chatted with a lady that warned us about chupacabra. Someone who had looked up our website while they were eating picked up the tab on our meal, so I passed on the good fortune to our waitress with a nice tip. After leaving me and Kira laughed a bit about the chupacabra thing.

Highway 64 leads to even more highway 64. It is a long long road. We finally spotted a little gas station and I was really hungery. Unfortunately Kira wasn't and they wouldn't sell me a half pizza (Murrr...). Instead we did Pepsi-CocaCola taste off. Both me and Kira were able to distinguish the tastes and correctly identify them. The Coke had better tasting sugar and was more carbonated.

All day we have been passing by rice fields and water-logged bayous which means lots of Mosquitoes. I swear I could itch any spot on my legs and three or four bites would present themselves.

Kira's got hungery and we stopped for pizza at a gas station. Luckily for us Ina asked us if we would like to stay at her place. Of course we said, "yes!" She told us it was two miles down and after we ate marched through dusk and into the night. She picked us up two miles down and said that she had been a bit optimistic. We arranged a ride back in the morning and she told us that she would be leaving the house at 4:50 am. Guess tomorrow we will be getting an early start. So we showered and I called my parents, then it was straight to bed for us. Oh yeah and Ina did our laundry (It means a lot).

To avoiding mosquitoes and smelling fresh,