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Day 91- Avoiding the Freeze

Day 91- Avoiding the Freeze

Hi There,

As Levi said, day 90 was a bit rough for me. Day 91 I woke up and again cried again, because I was so frustrated with this struggle of decision making. No, I did not want to end the trip early and quit on myself. Yes, I did want to be home in the warmth of a house, with my family, freshly showered, all happy. After I got some tears out I felt a lot better. The sun was out a bit, and eventhough it was still cold, the sun made me happy. Henryetta was about 12 miles away.

As we walked towards the town we were stopped by Tammy and Austin who were interested in our journey. We took a picture with them, and they suggested a Mexican place to eat in Dewar, right before Henryetta. We made it to Pancho Villas, and the staff was great and quite funny. They were really friendly, and the owner ended up treating us to our meal. It was a good thing we ate there too, because Henryetta was nothing like we expected. It was supposed to be a pretty big town, but it was rather run down and pretty dead.

After we made it through Henryetta the weather turned quite cold and drizzly again. Levi and I were really surprised to see a big sign ahead that said "cafe." Since we were walking on a highway parallel to i40, Cowpoke Cafe must get pretty good business. Several cups of decaf coffee later, we ended up asking our waitress if she could talk to the owner for us and see if we could stay near the cafe. This is the first time we had ever asked to stay anywhere, but we wanted to come back for breakfast in the morning and the rain had picked up, so we didn't want to walk too far in it. John ended up letting us stay in an abandoned mobile home that was right next to the cafe. We were able to cut some of the chill with the walls and definitely stayed dry, so it was fantastic! That night it was in the low 30's, so we survived the first freeze of the season. 

So, it was a good day. Plus, I decided that it is worth continuing on this crazy journey. Although I will continue to struggle at times, the support from everyone has really helped me get through the hard times. I won't fly home from Oklahoma City and I hope to make it back to California on foot!