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Day 93- Friendly Librarians

Day 93- Friendly Librarians

Paden was about nine miles away. We walked through a bit of chill and made it there hoping for lunch. Well, the town was small and had nothing! We almost left, but made it to the one market in town. They had a little deli so we got something to eat. The owner ended up coming over and talking with us for a while. Turned out he was from San Luis Obispo and made his way out to this 400 person town in Oklahoma. He treated us to our meal which was very kind.
As we headed out towards Prague (pronounced with a short a) we saw another guy walking on the other side of the street in the same direction. Once we caught up with him of course Levi was friendly and said hi. Well, unfortunately the guy crossed over to our aide. At first he was okay and talked about his hip problems. Then he continued to talk and talk about all his physical issues and on to all the problems he had with people. He explained in detail the fights he had been into and mentioned being close to killing people, including a police officer. I never felt threatened by him, he had no intention of doing anything but talk to us, but he still made me very uncomfortable. I tried walking at a super fast pace to hopefully lose him wig his bad hip haha. Finally, he decided to try and catch a ride and crossed the street, catching a ride within two minutes. The whole thing left me in a pretty aggravated mood!
Well I felt better after some time, and we made it to Prague. We ate a burger with cheddar cheese! What a rarity. We only see American cheese most times. Then we stopped at the library. The ladies there trated us so well! They called the local newspaper and got us an interview. They read up on our website and each handed us an envelope with our names on it. When we left we read their good luck letters and were thankful for their donations.
We walked another five or so miles and were searching for a camp spot almost into dark. I spotted an area off the side of the road that was pretty hidden by the tall grass.
Moving on and on,