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Day 95- Security

Day 95- Security

Hey hey,

Wolk up in a water tunnel, which was a first. Headed for Harrah, we were both really hungery. Before getting into town we saw a Casino called Kickapoo. We opted to see if they had anything to eat at thier gas station. They did, but not much and nothing good. The gas station attendent said that the casino had food and that it would be open in a half hour. We attempted to go inside to wait for the place to open, but were stopped and asked to leave. "No Backpacks," they said. So we waited outside until the Red Fork opened up. We walked in, sat down, and ordered. Prior to our food arriving we were confronted by security. They searched our bags and took our knives and mace. Then said we could pick them up at some security counter, although the security counter was in the casino (the one we couldn't take our bags into). We got our food and began to eat, then were interupted again by security. They wanted to scan our I.D's even though they had already looked them over. When we asked why they told us it was so that we could pick up our weapons at the security check out. We told her we were just about done and asked if she would just bring us our things so that we could leave. After paying for our meal we had to ask our server to call for our things and after finally getting our weapons, which were held by security for all of 15 minutes, we left.

Alright enough with that rant, the rest of the day went much better. We stopped at the library where Kira kept up with the Giants game and I changed the layout of the site a bit. Hannah was really nice and really clean; they had a great park. We got some drinks following the library and hit the road for a long hual toward Oklahoma City.

Not expecting a whole lot of anything we were really happy to come through, what we later found out, was a homecoming parade. This was the biggest homecoming parade I had ever seen and although we walked through a crowd of at least a thousand people we were so lost in the chaos that no one inquired about our journey. I did, however, get some candy that had been thrown from the floats.

We walk on camping spots seemed limited, so we took the first thing that was available. We walked into a cattle field that had been abandoned and set up there. We expected rain and before going to bed I read a chapter in my book aloud to Kira, who fell asleep just when things were getting juicy.

To good weather,