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Day 96- Oklahoma City

Day 96- Oklahoma City


It starting raining right as we were getting ready to pack up camp, but at least we knew we would be getting a shower in a bit. We were 11 miles from the hotel, and the rain let up quickly after starting our walk. We were both hungry (big surprise, right?), so we stopped at McDonalds to cash in some of our free wins off the monopoly game. We picked up probably 6 free items just off the road litter! When in Midwest city, we were stopped by a reporter for the local newspaper who did a quick little interview and took some pictures of us. We also talked to a woman who pulled over and asked us how are trip was going. She wanted to leave everything and start living a minimalist life and travel too, but she was a little discouraged to start. She said we were inspiring, and it always feels really nice to hear that.

We finally made it to the hotel. We stayed at a Quality Inn, and they have a promotion going that if we stay two separate nights, we would be eligible for a free night. So, this was our second night and a fee hotel will be great down the line. I showered, we did laundry, and hung out for a bit while we waited for Bree.

Bree is one of my sorority sisters from Alpha Chi Omega. Although she grew up in LA, she decided to move out to Oklahoma to live with her family out here after graduation. It was REALLY nice to see a familiar face! We didn't chat for too long before leaving for dinner, because we were all hungry. She drove us to bricktown, and we walked around a while. We decided to eat at Zio's, an Italian restaurant, and it was very, very delicious! I was so happy to get something other than a burger. After dinner we walked to the OKC bombing memorial. It was very well done and definitely worth seeing. The way it looked at night was pretty mesmerizing. We drove back to the hotel and chatted for good while. Before we knew it it was nearly midnight and Bree still had to drive 40 minutes home. We said our goodbyes. I was really happy I got to spend some time with her while we were in Oklahoma.

Although we were both kind of tired, Levi and I downloaded 21 Jump Street to watch before bed. I kept telling Levi about it, but he had not seen it. It was probably my third time seeing it, and I thought it was just as funny as the first. He fell asleep, but the coffee from two hours earlier kept me up for another two episodes of Friends before hittin' the sack.

Love the City,