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Day 99- Sutures are Stiches

Day 99- Sutures are Stiches


The tent dried out in the night, so we were able to pack up a dry tent. We packed up and walked back a block to the Love's gas station to get something to eat. By 10am we were walking down Route 66 towards El Reno. Levi makes fun of me for always wanting cookies, but we got some amazing home made sugar cookies from Caren and her kids, and I was very excited! She said she had seen us at Loves, ran back home and baked them up real quick before setting out to find us. They were very appreciated :)

Right before we made it to El Reno we were stopped by Brian who was in his work truck. He made sure we didn't need anything and suggested Johnnie's to eat at. Well, we wanted to make it there, but we were so hungry that we stopped at the first place we saw: China King Buffet. We were so full when we left that I was happy to stop in town at the library for a minute to sit down and write a day on the website. Of course Johnnie's was RIGHT next to the library, and it smelled delicious. Oh well! 

On our way out we stopped at Sonic for a drink, and one of the employees came out with them at no charge and handed us about 10 coupons for future visits! We walked and drank our slushes and stopped at the skate park ahead to throw them away. Of course Levi was very interested in the 5 little boys skating. I saw him chatting with them, and then I saw him with the skateboard in hand. I went and sat down on a bench, so badly wanting to tell him "this is not a good idea." Well, I probably should have said something. Three runs into the bowl, he went down and came up with his hand on his head. When he brought his hand down, it was covered with blood. I was surprised with how calm I was, probably because he was so calm. The little kids were funny, "ya, you're gonna need 2 staples." Fortunately, there was a hospital right across the street. 

We walked to the hospital and checked in. I was able to go into the waiting room with him and we waited a while before the P.A. came in. She said he would need about 2 staples (the little kid was right), but Levi asked what the other options were, because staples would require another hospital visit to take them out. She said that she could do sutures, but we would have to wait a while. Silly me, I had to ask what sutures were-I thought she was just saying stiches really funny. 

We were at the hospital until 8, so it was fully dark when we left. Fortunately again, there was a camp ground very close. An EMT lead us in the direction towards it and we walked over there. It was dark and hard to find the tent areas at first, but we finally made it. It was the first time we have paid for a camp site, but it was such a good deal at $5 and there were showers! Levi is doing fine now, and he only has a couple days left with the stiches before I will have to cut them out.