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Day 100- Tee Pee

Day 100- Tee Pee

Here we are again,

Up in the morning, we got to see our camp spot during the daylight. The showers were rather nice and were included with the price of the camp spot (5 dollars for everything). This price was really good considering most truck stops/travel centers charge 10 dollars a person for showering alone. We ran the hot water cold and then packed up and headed back out to the main road. On the way Kira reminded me that the golf course that was attached to the camp ground (go figure) had a place to eat. Hook and Slice wasn't open for another 40 minutes, but we decided to wait it out. I read some more of my novel aloud to Kira and 11 o'clock came around rather quickly.

Inside the place was nice and comfortable and the menu prices were good. Our server, a proud woman of 50 something, was eager to tell us about her running schedule. She was fun and really talkative. Our food was good and I especially enjoyed the sweet potato fries.

Once on the road we were in for a long hual. It was 40 miles between towns and we didn't expect to see much. Luckily, a woman stopped us to tell of a truckstop that had a restaurant. It took us 2 hours, or so, to get there and we were pleasantly suprised that it was a whole complex. There was a gift shop, restaurant, gas station, KOA, and a run down/gutted motel. We decided we would be staying in the gutted motel before we headed in to eat. The food was really good and the company was even better. George and his son, who sat near us, asked lots of questions and generally kept us occupied until our food arrived. We ate and before we even got our check George made it clear that our bill would be taken care of. Big smiles on our faces, we thanked him much. He suggested we check out the shop and we did.

Finally we decided to hit the old hotel before night fell. The walls that would normally hide the insides of the rooms, both upstairs and down, were gone and so the building was more of a roof covering about 40 large cubby holes. All the rooms on the side of the hotel facing the interstate were covered by a huge billboard/facade with a landscape painted on it. This meant if we chose one of these rooms we would be least likely to draw any unwanted attention. It didn't look like any animals frequented the building, but it was still not super nice. I made a joke about camping in the extra large Tee-Pee that sat in front of the mural and quickly we were discussing if it could actually be pulled off. We snuck around the far side of the hotel and made a dash for the circular opening in the Tee-Pee. Once inside we realized that it was rather private and suprisingly authentic. The poles were all wooded and the canvas was held in place by wooden pegs. We put out our mats and sleeping bags, closed our eyes, and hoped that we would be discovered.

To 100 days on the road,