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Day 105- The Flamingo

Day 105- The Flamingo

It waa time to get up when we heard the loud I40 Traffic in the morning. We packed up fast and hit the road. We made it to a tiny town called Canute after an hour and we both had some grilled chicken sandwiches at the gas station. As there often is in these small towns, the dining room was full of old men shootin' the sh*t. They were pretty funny.
We continued towards Elk City on a gravel road, and it was strange walking off of it right to a Wal-Mart.
I was disappointed after going inside, because I was hoping to come away with a bike cart or jogging stroller. We did come away with some good snacks though. After shopping we had the cheapest sitdown lunch at a place called huddle house. We both had double cheeseburgers and fries for a total of seven dollars! What a deal.
We kept walking, but I made a mistake in the directions, and we went a mile down the wrong road. I always get very frustrated when that happens. That, with a mix of the heavy backpack, with a mix of slipping and falling, with a mix of accidentally deleting all the pictures on my cell phone led to some tears. We sat for a minute while I shed a bit of my frustration. Then kept walking.
The residential area we walked through in Elk City was not very nice, so we decided to walk two blocks down to go down a parallel road with more businesses. We saw a Carl's Jr and stopped for a drink and a milkshake. When we left we saw some hotels. It was so tempting, and we gave in to a cool place called the flamingo inn. It was a great deal and newly renovated. They did keep the pink tile vanity area and bathroom which was awesome. I was super excited to watch the giants game too! They ended up winning and my mood definitely turned happier.
Black and Orange all Day,