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Day 108- Texas

Day 108- Texas

Hey all,

Woke up in our own private tunnel. Really getting the hang of camping under or nearly under roads. I slept great last night which means better progress for the day. Up and walking we were shooting for Sweetwater. Yesterday the corner store said that it wasn't much more than what they had, but they were wrong. Yes there was only one thing in Sweetwater, but it was a really nice gas station for being in the middle of nowhere. When we arrived it wasn't too busy. Within 15 minutes the oilfield men were out for lunch and this was thier stomping ground. Boots, jeans, hats, we were surrounded by men covered in red clay. There we were in hiking gear and sandals, I couldn't have felt more out of place. We finished our Gatorades (which were half the price of the corner store) and hit the road once again, this time we didn't expect to see anything for the rest of the day.

Traffic was really bad and we walked a majority of our time in the shoulder grass. Walking in the grass is dirty and difficult, but much safer than using the foot of shoulder on the road. The big rigs and construction trucks are endless and the drivers are eager to get where they are going (those who pass are the ones that worry us). One section of road was a 300 foot bridge/guardrail which took us nearly a 20 minutes to navigate.

Lucky for us we saw a store up in the distance near the Texas border. The 110th Meridian offered some hot food, so we got two orders of fries and a large water. The lady behind the counter offered up some free chicken and old hashbrowns, which were really good and much appreciated. The beer vendor in the store asked us how much beer our backpacks could hold, we laughed. Full bellies, the lady behind the counter told us Texas would have a shoulder.

Sure enough it had a large shoulder. We were in Texas and we were extremely happy. After dragging through a lot of Oklahoma we were determined to make the best of this new state. We should be able to make it through in ten days. The oilfields were plentiful and the trees were few and far between. As they day was winding down we were really worried we wouldn't be able to find a spot. The tunnels in the road that we normally camp under were shallow and barred in Texas, so they were out of the question. Lucky for us, just before nightfall, we found a patch of trees behind a downed barb wire fence. We ducked in and set up camp. Out of sight of any oil rigs we felt confident that this spot would do us well. Off to sleep following some calls home.

To a new state,