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Day 109- Coyotes

Day 109- Coyotes

Good Morning,

Windy and cold, we packed up the tent and hit the road. Within a mile we saw what we hoped was a little store. Even better, it was a restaurant. Donna's grill was full of working men, once again we were the odd ones out. Most of them were complaining about the wind and a few of them were smoking. This shocked Kira a little because she didn't know that you could smoke inside in Texas. We spent a long time eating and watched the wind outside. Many many cups of coffee later we paid for our meal and headed into a slightly less windy world.

Three hours into Wheeler, we didn't know exactly what to expect. Shikira was hoping for some mexican food and sure enough the first thing we saw was Soto's. The chips and salsa were just ok, but once our food arrived Kira could wipe the smile off her face. I, on the other hand, have been having a really hard time with food recently. I cant stomach anything and each trip to the restroom is a new adventure (if you know what I mean). To make matters worse my meal selection isn't always the best. This time I ordered a deep fried burrito that was filled with spicy meat and then smothered in thick cheese sauce (what a fool). I could only finish half and then gave the restroom a go. These restrooms were insane, covered in leopard print and zebra patterns I could help but smile. The toilets were jet black and all the debry glistened against the mirror finish; I quickly exited without even trying to use the toilet.

We asked about a library and were told it was "all the way across town," which meant three blocks. Upon arrival we were pleasantly suprised at this tiny little place, it had two computers and an adorable librarian. We chipped away at a couple of days on the website (lol, like I am doing now). The Librarian told us that the road ahead had less oilfields and more cattle farms, which sounded really nice to us.

Back into the wind, we walked for a couple more hours. We found a campsite in a thin patch of trees that was squeezed between a fence and a guardrail. The fence had small openings that would make it hard for coyotes to cross through and I liked this because it meant that I wouldn't have to worry so much about being bothered. We cleared the ground and set everything up then climbed inside. Just as I was about to fall asleep I was woke up by loud yipping. Apparently there was a pack of 4-6 coyotes just across the street. They yipped and howled all night long and didn't allow us to get much sleep at all. Although I knew we had nothing to worry about I looked up info on my phone. Most attacks are on small children and there has only been one documented killing of an adult on record.

To broken sleep,