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Day 111- Good Food, Rough Day

Day 111- Good Food, Rough Day

Hello Hello,

We woke up to frozen water bottles. We faired rather well through out the night and Kira was only a tad bit cold. Getting out of our sleeping bags was a bit difficult and packing up my fingers were stiff. Shikira bought gloves while we were in Oklahoma City and so she was cozy warm (ish).

We had about 10 miles into pampa and on our list of things to do we had Coney Island Cafe or Dyers BBQ plus we hoped to hit the library. Upon arrival we were a bit discouraged by the state of the houses/motels on 60. Bored up and run down the town was in shambles and it looked like one big oil stain. We made our way down town which as far as we were concerned consisted of only the Coney Island Cafe.

The place was packed which gave us confidence and spoke to the reputation of the place. It was famous in that it hadn't changed its menu or its look in 50 years. They offered coneys and burgers, Chili and Vegatable Soup. After a 10 minute wait we got a booth sandwiched between two curious groups. They asked us many questions about our journey. We were suprised when the restuarant told us that are meal would be on the house. We enjoyed 2 coneys (hotdogs covered in chili, cheese, and onion), a hamburger, and 2 bowls of soup. We were even given some pecan pie for desert. We overheard the waitress tell the couple behind us that they were the fifth person to try and buy our meal (we really are very luckly to meet so many nice folks). We left the historic eatery 60 dollars richer and with bellies full of food.

We were told to check out the post office cieling on the way to the library and it was truely spectacular. Covered in gold leaf and ornate patterns we wondered when it was built. Onward, we found our way to what looked to be a large library. Kira was esspecially upset to find out it was shut down early for a Halloween event.

That was that, we headed out of pampa. Just on the outskirts of town was Dyers and try as we might we could pass it up. Kira really wanted Texas BBQ and I told her I wasn't too hungery. My stomach was still disagreeing with me on every level. We sat down and ordered a meal to split. A local pastor stopped at our table to say hi and wish us luck on our journey. I at three bites before excusing myself. The restroom has become my homebase. Kira on the other hand was really enjoying the food. I told her I didn't think I wanted to camp and suggesting walking backward to the shady motels. She knew that if I was willing to walk 2 miles out of the way (4 total) to stay at a questionable motel that I was desperate. Before we hit the road were informed that our meal had been taken care of.

Two miles felt like a lot longer and string of 8 or so motels was a string of disappointments. Either they didn't have rooms available or they cost way to much. We stopped at each place walking nearly an extra mile to the edge of town. By the time we got to the end we really just wanted a room with a toilet and decided that we would take anything that was available. On our walk back down the strip of roach motels we found that all the ones that had had rooms available now were completely filled up (go figure). The oil field workers had inflated the prices of the rooms and then taken everything that was available. We were extremely discouraged. Earlier in the day we had called best western to see what the rates were and at 100 dollars for the night and 3 miles out of our way we thought "no way." But sick, frustrated, and exhuasted I told Kira not to worry about the money and we headed for a clean warm bed. It was hard walking three miles out of the way, but thanks to a woman who worked at the Coney Island Cafe we were able to get there a lot faster. We wouldn't be gaining any forward travel by taking the ride, so we figured that it was the same as getting a ride to a homestay, except in this case we were our own ride back to the point we left off at.

The Giants were on T.V. and we split the room between giftcards and budget money, so to say the least we were extremely relieved to have a bed and a toilet. The Giants win game three and I fall asleep with a smile on my face and a knot in my stomach.

To getting better,