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Day 114- Stuffed and Happy

Day 114- Stuffed and Happy

Hello friends,

It was a rather straight forward morning, we walked 12 miles into Panhandle (that is the name of the town). Per usual we had an eye out for a place to eat. On the main highway there was a little cafe and a subway. Kira wanted to eat the subway, but I was leaning toward getting served. Luckily a man stopped to ask us if we needed any water and we were able to ask how the little cafe was. He said he would go to Subway, but suggested a grill in town. We took his suggestion because we love local favorites. Three blocks into town there stood Buffalo Grass Grill, it was well put together on the outside and at first glance we were very happy with our decision. I was caring batman as we walked up to the building. To avoid any odd looks I sat him down on a sign outside and promised to bring him some salt (that is what our batman eats) when we were done eating.

Inside we were extremely happy with the suggestion. The decore was great and the food on the few occupied tables looked top notch. A couple immediatly took interest in our journey and we sat down in the table next to theirs. The lady at the table was most likely in her 50's and her husband, after looking at our website, told us that she was in Alpha Chi Omega (Kira's sorority). They were very nice and they talked with us through their entire meal. We each ordered a guac burger and I snuck in an order of cheesy fries before Kira could shoot the idea down (she hates when I order too much food). I ate my burger and a quarter of hers and almost the entire order of fries, which was huge. Our server informed us that our meal was taken care of and I immediatly assumed it was the couple we had been speaking with, but she said that it was a man who was sitting behind us. They had been fighting over our check and the man who we hadn't even spoke with won the fight. Life is grand and people are very nice to us, we are very lucky. The owner chatted with us a bit and we headed out the door.

Wobbling away I grabbed up batman and apoligized for forgeting to bring him salt. I was stuffed to the max, but as Kira says "there is always room for desert." Dairy Queen offered a chance for me to sit down and they also happened to have ice cream.

Inside the employees were full of life and as an older lady with many piercings pulled up in her golf cart they welcomed her in. She was obviously a regular and her way of speaking would put a smile on just about anyones face. However, what she had to say was very sad. She told us stories of her father getting shot on christmas and of all the accidents on the road near where we were. Regardless we enjoyed speaking with her and I really enjoyed her goofy smile.

Timing our entry into Amarillo in a couple of days, we knew we could bed down early this evening. We hopped the tracks that parelleled the road and camped on the only patch of land that wasn't covered in weeds. We laughed at the little world we were living in, a world of headlamps, campstoves, batman, and tent living. We are truely enjoying ourselves and eachother.

To a great next couple of months,