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Day 115- The Big Texan

Day 115- The Big Texan


I feel like it has been a while since I have written, and day 115 seems like forever ago. Luckily, we are pretty up to date in our personal journals to remind us of the past days. We slept near the train for the second night, and they were only a tad quieter the second night. We packed up and walked in the grass for a while before crossing the train tracks back over to the street. It was halloween that day, and we were being creative with everything along the road to get some good pictures in (see the facebook page). I felt great in the morning, but as the day passed I started feeling ill. We stopped to make lunch at one point and I was able to eat, but had some terrible stomach cramps and waves of nausea for a while. Darn-I caught what Levi had been struggling with for a week. 

To get through Amarillo was too many miles for the day, so we knew we were going to camp right outside of it that night. In the distance we saw some buildings with hope one might be a gas station, but it was an oddly placed school instead. We took another short break after the dissapointment of not seeing anything. I still was not feeling very well, so when we saw a KOA a ways up we decided to see what they were charging. It was $26 for a tent spot which seems way too high to pitch our tent, but in the circumstances (me feeling ill and there being very minimal spots to camp right outside the city) we decided to take it. A nice surprise was that there was a shuttle service to the Big Texan Restaurant in town, a place we had seen billboard advertisements for in previous states! So, we decided to check that out. 

Before dinner I took a nice hot shower. It made me feel better, but also confirmed that I wasn't just being a baby and I felt sick. We made it to the restaurant and enjoyed all the crazy decorations and crazy costumes all the staff were in. The restaurant has this deal that if you eat the 72oz steak meal (which includes shrimp cocktail, baked potato and a roll) within an hour your meal is on the house. Well, we were lucky enough to see a younger, smaller guy complete it! Many attempt it, but many fail. Levi and I split a steak for two, and eventhough I was sick I still enjoyed it. Plus we had some delicious carrot cake for dessert. 

We caught a ride back to the campsite in the old limo and I was exhausted and ready for bed. Levi let me use his sleeping bag to ensure I would not be cold and get a good nights rest. I was a little annoyed we could still hear the train from a distance, but it was much quiter at the campsite. I slept quite well knowing we were safe and sound at the KOA. 

Fighting the sickness,