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Day 116- Ja Rule

Day 116- Ja Rule


Since we were days away from a time change and daylight savings time, it was not getting light outside until 8am. Therefore, that is when we were getting up. So, eventhough I woke at 7 I went back to sleep and got up when the sun came up. I felt just okay that morning. I had slept well, but I wasn't recovered that quickly. I took another hot shower in the morning. Levi and I packed up our gear and got some coffee and a cinamon roll in the office for breakfast before heading out, but I couldn't even finish my coffee before my stomach was cramping up again. 

We first reached the city in the ethnic part of town. The stores were latin, asian, or african store, and most of the advertisments were in spanish. After a couple miles through that area we transitioned into a more commercial area (close to the freeways) with all the fast food, etc. We stopped at McDonalds to cash in our two free medium fries. After we headed downtown. Our friend whom we met on the trip, Bill H., had sent some money from donation jars put out at the museum in Sparta, TN to the chamber of commerce in Amarillo. It was a great contribution that we could use towards getting us a cart. We were excited to finally find a place that carried jogging strollers and were excited to pick one up while we were in town. Before heading that way, we ate lunch at the Burrito Stop downtown. It was quite delicious and exciting to have a burrito we could actually hold in our hand (all others previously had been plated and meant to be eaten with a fork). 

Well, we were on our way to cross town when we saw a thrift store across the street. We decided to check to see if they had any strollers, and sure enough they had two! It was nice to have the selection, so we played around and chose the better of the two. It was only $37 which was great, because we were about to pay $100+ at the sports store ahead. So, we took the cart, loaded our backpacks on it, and set out to the bike shop to get some reinforcement for the tires. Oh boy, did the cart change our look! We felt a bit like homeless people pushing our stuff around. I was laughing at how much Levi was enjoying running that thing around. He was zippin through the sidewalks, past all the middle-schoolers who just got out of school, and on to the local bike shop.

We stopped in and two guys were working. We bought extra thick tubes and some plastic liner to protect against flats from all the grass burrs. We hung out while they put all the goods on the tires. I still was feeling kinda crappy and was toying with the idea of a cheap hotel. While we waited this young kid came in on his bike like he owned the place. You could tell he came in daily and hung out. He was a cool kid, and his name was Ja Rule (the inspiration for the name of our jogging stroller). After they fixed us all up we said our thanks and headed out. The route we took didn't look to good for getting a motel, because we were in a lot of residential areas. But, I saw an outback down a street and we decided to go down that street instead. Sure enough, we were right along I40, and there were several hotels. We ended up gettnig a decent room for only 43 bucks. I was happy to have a bed that night to try to get a real good nights sleep. Shortly after Levi wanted to get someting to eat, so we walked over to waffle house. As always, there was an interesting night crew working. We enjoyed a waffle and hash browns and went back to the hotel. Levi put on a documentary about a man who traveled the whole length of the Amazon River, and it made our walk look like a piece of cake! I had a nice phone chat with my dad, and then I was ready to pass out and get some Z's in. It was a long day, but also very exciting to get ourselves the cart we needed to get through the desert. We want to thank Bill and those who contributed to the museum jars, because the funds sent to us were enough to purchase Ja Rule and all the reinforcements for his tires. 

Changing up our style,