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Day 117- Through Amarillo

Day 117- Through Amarillo


Getting some days on the website, because we are behind! Woke up in the hotel room about 8 and went to the lobby to get breakfast. Instead of having the food out, they gave meal tickets and someone plated the food for you. Unfortunately, it was really poor food and we were not full after eating it. But, the room was such a good deal still that we couldn't complain. Levi had spent time the night before fixing up the cart to make it look less like a homeless cart. So, we packed up JaRule (who had not yet been named that) and made sure our sign was nice and visible from the front and then headed out. 

When Levi was hungry the night before he toyed with the idea of going to the Golden Corral. Well, I had never been there and when we peeked inside it looked fabulous. I love Fresh Choice, and it looked very similar. So, I wanted to go there for lunch on our way out. I was pretty disappointed though. It was nothing like Fresh Choice except for the buffet factor. The food was just not that great and the people in there were a little rediculous. Execpt for our nice waitress, the whole expereince was poor. Especially when we got stuck talking to this crazy man on our way out! 

Since we had the cart now, we did not have to worry about weight as much. Thus, we really wanted a radio! We had to stop by sears, then target, then best buy to find one, but we picked up a little emergency radio that charges on solar power and also had weatherband. Music is such a luxury! Pretty much the last thing we saw in Amarillo was a store we had heard about called Gander Mountain, and Levi wanted to stop by. We picked up a 5 gallon water bladder and he ended up finally giving in and getting a pair of running/walking shoes (he has been a little stubborn since he has worn chacos the entire time). 

A few miles out of town was Cadillac Ranch. We were told by several people to check it out, and it was pretty neat. 10 old Cadillacs buried halfway in the ground and painted/graffiti on so thick.. We took some great pictures out there and also met Larry and his son Nick who were on a little father/son roadtrip moving grandma's stuff out to Boston. They were kind enough to take a picture we could both be in and then we were on our way again. 

I felt a lot better this day. I think the good sleep helped out, and I definitely was progressing through the sickness much faster than Levi had. I was able to talk to my mom and sister while we walked (which is always nice to pass the time) and before we knew it it was camping time. Since there are no trees around, and the railroad was no longer nearby, we ended up camping on the side of an overpass where we were barely hidden to one side of traffic. It was weird being out in the open, but it was still a good camp spot. We wrote a few days in our journals and then fell asleep to the sounds of I40. 

Pushing along,