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Day 118- Picking up the Pace

Day 118- Picking up the Pace


Again, we woke up when it grew light out-around 8:15. It was very cold that morning and hard to motivate ourselves to get out of our sleeping bags. We split our last cliff bar and then packed up our stuff. I started off pushing the cart, because I had my mittens to keep my hands warmer. It was this day we officially named him JaRule after toying with the name for a few days. We didn't expect a town until Vega, 18 miles away, but saw a sign for Wilderado in six. We were excited to see what the town had, but it turned out to have nothing at all. The big Cafe sign we saw from so far was turned to a Mexican Restaurant that was not open and had most likely recently closed down. So instead we cooked up a bunch of Ramen and ate the warm soup. 

We pushed through the next 12 miles into Vega in search of a meal. Since we were not carrying the backpacks we were able to pick up our pace and make some really good time. It felt nice to push our legs a bit more and push our stuff :) Plus, listening to the radio gave us some nice motivation. 

Levi and I made it to Vega and stopped at what looked like one of the only places to eat in town (other than Dairy Queen). It was called the Boot Hill Saloon, and it was done up to look just like that. The bar was filled with guys watching the football gam, and Levi and I were both impressed with our burger/chicken sandwich. While we were there we also realized that the next town on our route was San Jon, and it was 60 miles away. So, after we ate we headed over to the small town market. It was strange shopping for food and being so much less concerned about weight. We picked up items we never would have had before, like honey and a can of beans. Then we walked to the park to pack up all our stuff and fill our 5 gallon water jug. Well, as we were walking away I saw that water was leaking from the cart. We looked at the jug and there was an obvious hole in it. Our brand new jug! I was quite upset that $10 went for nothing. We threw it out and then picked up 4 galllons of water at the gas station. 

We had already made such good mileage for how little time we had walked taht the six more we did made for a great day. The last bit was on some county roads that were gravel at pionts. We could see I40 a ways away, but it felt like we were in the middle of nowhere. Once again, we had nothing to hide in/behind, so we just set up our tent on the side of the road in the grass. I wrote a day in the journal, and all our fast walking put me to sleep quite fast. 

A bit sore,