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Day 119- Cafe? Why Not!

Day 119- Cafe? Why Not!

Hey all,
We woke up out in the open. After getting our things together and loaded in Ja Rule we were stopped by a woman who said she thought we were a cow. She told us that after she got closer she realized that we were the travelers her daughter warned her about. We told her our county road plans and she told us that there was an easier way.
She told us that Adrian was actually on route and that it was paved roads all the way in. Furthermore, she was the cook at the cafe in town. We were immediately on board with her new plan. She drove on to work and we followed on foot.
She was suprised we made it for lunch and not breakfast. The place was Midpoint Cafe and it was the direct center of 66. Clean and well decorated, it was a bit expensive. We enjoyed good eats and before paying our bill we checked out the gift shop. Lilia the cook came out and treated us like her own children. She grabbed our tab, helped with directions and sent us on our way with a big hug and bigger smiles. We are lucky to meet so many wonderful people.
The frontage road was to end rather soon, which meant the road to San Jon was going to be dirt. A woman stopped us before we hit the back roads to warn of roads that didn't actually exist and mountain lion. This concerned us and the directions she gave were much longer than we had anticipated. She suggested we walk on 40, but we told her it was illegal.
Stucky's was the last stop before mountain lion country. We looked over the maps in the gift filled gas station. The options were limited and with the advice of the women in the station we decided to call the sheriff and ask for permission to walk on the interstate. No big deal, the sheriff's department said they wouldn't mind and so our plans were changed.
At the end of the frontage road, before the dirt we had planned on walking wound up being our spot for the evening. We set up the tent in the tall grass next to the end-of-road sign.  We hit the sack with plans of knocking out a 16 mile stretch of 40 in the morning (after the sun is high enough to stop blinding the morning drivers).
To safety first,