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Day 120- New Mexican Truck Stop

Day 120- New Mexican Truck Stop

Waiting out the sun wasn't too hard considering we had stocked up on snack foods. We got our fill of calories in and by the time we were done eating the sun was high enough to start walking safely on the interstate.
We were determined to knock out the 16 miles as quickly as possible. Two quick breaks (tortilla and peanut butter breaks) and a couple of hours of walking before we saw the Texas New Mexico border.
Before we could actually cross the border we got off on a frontage road that happened to be old 66. The asphualt was unmaintained and the area surrounding was in equally poor condition. An old cafe and motel were covered in no trespassing signs. Meanwhile we were listening to Mexican music on the radio (the only other station that came in properly was politics). Russell's truck stop was visible in the distance and I was excited for food!
Old 66 turned to dirt rather quickly and it was leading away from the food oasis. Further and further away, Kira reminded me that old 66 also ran through to San Jon (our destination). We realized that Russell's wasn't in the cards and sat down on the dirt path to make some food. New Mexico, Mexican radio, and for food we had dehydrated Mexican soup (55 cents).
We were worried about the long road to San Jon and so we did some research on the phone and found that if we took a slightly longer route we could spend the entire following day on pavement. Plus Russell's was on the menu once again.
We finished up our soup/mashes potatoe mixture (I thought I would try something new) and headed three miles out of the way toward Russell's.
Before we could get there we were stopped by John and Yolanda who offered 20 dollars for dinner at the truck stop. They Saud the food was good and it looked like we would be making it there tonight.
Two more miles and we were checking Ja Rule with the lady at the register. The place had a very nice car museum inside and we worked up an appetite.
The diner was classic and the menu was multicultural. Kira ordered Mexican and I got a burger. Before we could get our food John stopped by our booth to invite us to dinner when we got to Tucumcari (two days away). He seemed nice enough and Kira was excited for some home cooking. We finished up our food, which was very very good and hit the main floor of the truck stop.
I picked up some oil for the wheels which were taking a beating and squeaking rather loudly. We walked the overpass outside the truck stop toward a large pile of ground asphualt. It supplied the cover we needed to camp and was close enough to allow us to eat at Russell's again the following morning. We went to bed with dreams of future meals. Furthermore, we wondered what young Yolanda was doing taxi-ing around mature John.
To good food and new friends.
P.s. I found a California plate and Kira posted it on facebook, everyone thought we had made it to California, but we were just happy to have found a little piece of home.