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Day 121- Turn of Events

Day 121- Turn of Events

Hello friends,
I woke up to Kira nudging me and telling me to check out some lights that were too close to our tent. It seemed to be a tractor of some sort, but it was hard to tell because the sun wasn't quite up. She told me that there were two of them, although I could only see one. My worry was that they would be using some of the material from the pile we were sleeping on/behind. We stayed quite and the lights simply pulled onto the I-40 on-ramp. It wound up being a semi that needed a quick stop before a long drive.
For the sun not being up it was rather warm. We checked the time (5:30) and figured we might aswell get an early start. We packed up our freshly oiled Ja Rule and headed for the truck stop diner. Upon arrival we were told that they didn't open the diner until 5:30. Confused, the woman told us that the time change that happened at the border was still so close that our cell phones hadn't locked into the proper time. We had gotten up at 4:30, making this the second earliest morning of the trip.
We waited for the diner to open and when it did we enjoyed anothet great meal. Our server kept the coffee coming as I caught up in my journal. Kira was back and forth to the restroom, trying to push the rest of the sickness out of her system. One more trip to the car museum for some pictures and we were headed for San Jon.
Ja Rules tires had began to show signs of wear yesterday, and it wasn't long before we realized that we needed new tires. I thought about rotating the tires at the truck stop, but they were going so quickly I don't think it would have made a difference. As the threads in our wheels became more and more visible and a section of the tire had given way exposing the tire liners we had got put in we decided to switch things up. We took the packs from Ja Rule and ditched 2 gallons of water we didn't need. I wrapped the exposed portion in plastic bags and we hit the road again. One hole turned into two and now both  the rear tires needed repair. Two turned to three and then into five and we were getting creative with our patches. I laced some of an empty gallon jug to the areas that had the most holes and we continued to wrap the old  patches with extra plastic bag as needed. Each mile seemed to present a new hole and with 20 more into Tucumcari, given that San Jon wasn't likely to have bike tires, things weren't looking good.
Lucky for us Matt pulled over to see if we needed a ride or any help. We expainrd our situation and asked if he would take it forward to Tucumcari Inn. He was more than happy to do so and with that we emptied all of Ja Rule into our packs. We had gotten a little less concerned with weight since we had gotten Ja Rule and the packs were rather heavy.
We called ahead to the Inn, but the numbers listed online were not the connecting. Having forgotten to exchange numbers with Matt, we just hoped Ja Rule would make it into Tucumcari ok.
Not ten minutes later John and Yolanda came down our frontage road to say hi. They immediately recognized that Ja Rule was missing and asked if they could pick him up where we abandoned him. We explained that we had sent him forward to the Inn that John had recommended. Unfortunately John had mixed his hotels up and we should have sent it to Route 66 Inn, but they were right another so it wouldn't be a problem.
John told us that tomorrow his wife had church and that if we wouldn't mind he would like to do dinner tonight. He Saud he would pick us up in San Jon and treat us to a home cooked meal and then he would drop us back off in the morning. That being the case, we sent our packs forward with John and walked toward the park we would be picked up at a couple hours later.
My how things had changed, we went from crumbling cart to walking fancy free. San Jon was small and the park was really the only thing in town. We played on the see-saw while we waited for our ride. It wasn't long before Yolanda pulled the car up and John helped clear us a spot in the back seat of the pickup. Yolanda was younge and had a long black braid and dusty tan skin. Unsure of exactly what roll she played, we quickly discovered she was John's apprentice. He did heating and air and she helped drive him to and from the jobs. John had had an accident with a fishing lure that had damaged his eye sight and so Yolanda helped ease the way from place to place.
First we dropped Yolanda off at her place. It was an ecclectic mess of painted tires, toilted bowl art, chickens, and Sanya. Sanya was her  little sister who instantly took a liking to Kira. Marie her mother showed me the house. It was pieced together beautifully. Yolandas art covered the house. The bathroom had a composting toilet and I took interest. The place was colorful and organic, I loved it.
Next we headed into town. John took us by the hotel where the door was locked (we have to check in our cart again later). Grocery shopping, where we quickly learned that John new almost everyone in town. then we headed headed back to his place to meet GIS wife and enjoy the comforts of a home.
Vicki, his wife, welcomed us with a little over 4 dozen fresh baked rolls. Kira tore into the pan of buttered delights right away. We chatted while John prepared steaks and before long Yolanda had cine to join in the meal.
Kira did her best not to fill up on rolls, then we ate the grass fed, yard raises meat that John had prepared. Life was good and before we knew it we had plans to stay another night. After dinner Kira and I nearly finished off the rolls (20 good sized rolls a piece). Next was desert, a tasty cake with even tastier fudge like topping. Happy to have found new friends, we showered and headed for bed.
To John and Vicki for opening their home to two crazy travelers.
P.s. John had a reputation for inviting people in. O