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Day 122- Add Two Nights to That

Day 122- Add Two Nights to That


We woke up at 7 and got ready for the day. Since we were staying another night at John and Vicki's, we were able to leave our stuff at their house and bring one backpack with some snacks and water. On our way out we ate the last of the rolls and heard Vicki say she would make more for that night (oh they are just soo good!). John took us over to "The Big House" which is a house that was built out of rock from the Tucumcari mountain in 1902. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays they invite people to come over and eat breakfast. The crew had just returned from a cruise, so they weren't really serving, but they were kind enough to still fix us up some waffles for breakfast.

After breakfast we went by the Tucumcari Inn to see if our cart was there. Nobody was there, but we got a number to call which gave us a lead! Matt had left his number, so we had hope that JaRule would return to us. Then we went to pick up Yolanda and she drove us out to the park in San Jon where we were picked up.

The day was perfect for walking. It was sunny with a small breeze and very picturesque. As we were walking a few people stopped to ask if we needed a ride. Well, when one woman stopped we thought she was going to be another offer, but turned out she was Matt's sister and she gave us her number so we could get the cart when we made it to town. Wahoo! We only took a couple breaks and made it just past Yolanda's road when it was time to get picked up. Lori, Vicki's daughter, and Lor's 12 year old daughter picked us up. They took us by Matt's house to grab JaRule and then we headed back to John and Vicki's. Lori dropped us off and Chesley stayed. She was very shy and quiet the whole time, later to warm up to us :) Vicki had made a huge, delicious pot roast feast for everyone (including Yolanda's family) and then everyone except John, Levi and me left for church.

We  took showers, washed our clothes, and hung out with Dagwood( their shitzu) and Jimmie (their Chihuahua). John was concerned about the cold weather in the next few days, so he said if we liked we could stay two more nights with them. Levi and I felt so comfortable in their home and really enjoyed their company, that we couldn't resist their offer. When VIcki came home we all watched the end of Survivor and this funny show called Baggage hosted by Jerry Springer. Then it was bedtime, and it was nice falling asleep knowing it wasn't our last night there.

Stuffed with Rolls,