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Day 132- Fifteen Degrees

Day 132- Fifteen Degrees

Hey Hey,

All is well, but last night got cold. Spooning was necessity. The interstate was loud and the lights were bright, but we didn't get the police called on us for camping roadside. We packed up and I called my mom to find out what the temp was last night (my phone had no charge because I played on it till it was dead). She said that the current temp (at 7 o'clock) was 17 degrees. Given that it is always a couple of degrees colder at 4 in the morning, we assumed it was a 15 degree evening. We both felt like champs for having got a full 8 hours. Breakfast included a frozen Gatorade.

After getting over the cold we headed into Moriarty to find some warm coffee. We had checked some reviews and hoped to see KC's Restaurant. Chinese Buffet and The Grill hadn't opened or we would have eaten. Lucky for us because KC's was the next thing we saw and they were packed. Any time you see a cafe that is packed full of senior citizens you should stop in, because the service and food are sure to be good. I know we talk a lot about food, but it is what motivates us to move forward and what gives us the energy to keep going. KC's had a great menu and we both got breakfast burritos. We had two severs, both were extremely friendly and down to earth (plus my coffee never went empty). If ever in Moriarty go to KC's.

I think the cold froze Kira's bones because the rest of the day she slugged along, poor thing wasn't doing so hot. I found some athletic tape and made a white flag out of it. I sang Dido in order to put a smile on her face and it seemed to do the trick.

Nine miles later we were in Edgewood. We had been told it wasn't a whole lot more than a Sonic and a McDonalds. Scratch that, it was the nicest little town. Sidewalks, street lamps, and a city planning council had made the town extremely inviting.

The town had a Walmart and we needed supplies. I suggested that we revamp Ja Rule and in we went. After an hour of shopping, two dufflebags, and a screwdriver Ja Rule was ready for a makeover. We stripped him down in the parking lot and stacked the black bags into his frame. We were looking a loss less like bums and more like traveling sales people or something.

After a McDonalds dinner it was time to find a spot to camp. We wandered the well lit town for a half hour and settled on a field next to a church. We tucked ourselves into some trees next to a cactus. It took us a while to clear the ground of spikes (Kiras sleeping pad can't handle like my foam pad). Into the tent we attempted to sleep.

I couldn't get to sleep and decided to update the budget in my journal. That lead to a lot of journal writing and an extremely late night. I didn't get to sleep until 2:30 and we planned on getting up at 4:30, but no worries. We are a couple hundred over budget, but we will make it up eventually. Truth be told we are having a lot of fun and have the money thanks to so many wonderful people. We are going to try to get back on budget by Christmas.

To a fresh Ja Rule and a beautiful town,