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Day 134- More of Albuquerque

Day 134- More of Albuquerque


It  has been a while, but I am finally able to do a little more updating. Albuquerque feels like a looong time ago. We woke up at the Super 8 and put our laundry in the wash while we ate some breakfast. We put a couple days on the website, and found a good way to pack our new duffle bags for JaRule. We were still unhappy that we were charged more than quoted online, and the fact that there was no computer when advertised, but we decided not to make a fuss and leave without looking back.

On we went through Albuquerque. We were on a search for backup tires, so we checked a couple places on our way. We were also curious about Baggins sandwhich shop who said they had "gourmet sandwhiches." This could be risky, because we see a LOT of false advertisements, but as we were looking at the menu on the window a lady came outside and said, "it's delicious, come on in and we will buy you lunch!" Shannon bought us lunch and said that her father had told her about us from the day before. We had met her dad in the town prior at McDonalds-small world! The sandwhiches really were gourmet and we enjoyed every bite and sip of the cucumber water.

It was fun walking through all the different parts of town, and we quickly found ourselves downtown. While there, we met Carlo who was awesome! He was around our age and chatted with us for a good while about our trip. He was also repping some California clothes, because he lived in San Jose for a good portion of his life, so we had a good connection with him. It was after talking with him that we realized we did not have enough daylight to make it out of town. Albuquerque was a lot wider than we realized. So, we decided we would get one more night in a hotel.

We made it to Old Town, and I really enjoyed it. There were several shops and a fun feel, and I picked out some great Albuquerque post cards. Just a tad farther we found an Econo Lodge. It turned out to be a 180 degree difference from the Super 8. We were greeted by a friendly woman with a beautiful accent, I believe she was the owner, and told us we were in for a treat with the hot breakfast. We went to the room and it was clean and smelled fresh. There was an indoor hot tub and pool, which we planned to go to but never made it. Although another room put us even more over budget, the room was well worth it. We were able to catch up on the website and enjoy the room a lot more than the night before. It was great.

To the next big city, Phoenix,