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Day 140- Open Land

Day 140- Open Land

Hey Hello and Hi,

Ice on tent has become a normal occurance. I got a small fire going this morning to warm our fingers (I didn't need Kira's belly this morning). Two cars came through the campground. I think that it is hunting season (elk and turkey). The road was nice and the trees dropped off early in the day. Open vast land all around.

Kira walked Ja Rule for a while this morning, then I took over for a bulk of the morning. 12 miles down early and we stopped for lunch. Bean burritos are a staple these days. Two men stopped to offer food and water, but we said that we were doing a-ok. Elk in the back of the truck they said and I was curious. Two coolers full of meat and a elk head was all that was left. Then they offered up a beer and I said that it would go nice with lunch. Kira and I relaxed for a little bit near some litter cans.

Back on the road, we pushed through the miles. Eventually I was dead and wasn't willing to push anymore. At this point Kira grabbed Ja Rule for another 3 or 4 and we hit 23 miles for the day. In the last half hour I found a large fence post that was laying roadside. Fire?

Our campspot was a flat dirt spot on the side of the road. I gathered some lava rocks that just happened to be on the side of the road, just enough to make a ring. Kira set up the tent, while I stepped through a barb wire fence to gather up some loose wood. The fire took a while to start, but once it got going it was easily maintained. Hot air kept us close and awake for a couple of hours. This was a treat, because normally we have to many hours to sleep. I burned our large fence post in half and then piled the pieces into the ring in hopes of having coals in the morning. With the fire under control we set to the tent to sleep. A few cars stopped to check on the fire before seeing our tent. One man expressed concern and we held a short convo through the walls of the tent. Our warm bodies heated the sleeping bags nicely and we were asleep before we knew it.

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