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Day 146- Visitors from Home

Day 146- Visitors from Home


This was a day we had been looking forward to for a while: Levi's parents were coming out to visit! We woke up and were happy there was no ice on the tent for the second day in a row! We made cup of noodles for breakfast and then packed up to head into Show Low. We had about 17 miles into town, but we took about an hour break when we were stopped by Terry for a newspaper interview. It was very casual; Levi and I sat on his tailgate and chatted with the recorder catching the information for him. The break ended up working out well, because it put our ETA at the Safeway in town nearly the same as the Stiles.

We stopped once more to make some lunch. Spanish Rice was the last thing we had left in our food supply (besides some peanut butter and honey), and we had successfully eaten everything. I found a Junie B Jones children's chapter book that I was excited about, because I used to read many of those as a kid. Levi and I took turns reading them aloud and she got us laughing a few times.

Before we knew it we made it to town. Show Low was really nice! We walked four miles through the main street to Safeway and waited ten minutes for Tab and Charlene to arrive. We had some sparklers ready for when they pulled into the parking lot, and we lit them as soon as we saw their white truck. But, instead of them seeing us and coming through the parking lot, they parked and we were waving around the sparklers looking like fools. It was quite comical and we had an observer laughing. It was a wonderful reunion!

We headed over to a hotel nearby and I got to shower AND take a whirlpool bath! It was incredible being clean again. Plus, Tab and Char did our laundry so we were extra clean. We hung out a bit longer and then got ready to go downtown for the light parade. Our pen pal Bill had set us up with a place to stay with his sister, Jeannine, and we met up with her, her grandaughter Felicia, and her friend Janet. The light parade was nice and really put me in the Christmas spirit. After we went to a restaurant for a delicious dinner. By the end of the day I was so exhausted I almost fell asleep at dinner.

We went back to the hotel and climbed into a cozy bed. I would have fallen asleep right away, but I did get distracted by a movie for a bit. Plus, we got a special call from Bill and enjoyed chatting on the phone with him for the first time. Once those lights went out I was asleep right away. What a great day.

Clean and Cozy,