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Day 157- Sketchy

Day 157- Sketchy

Hey hey,
We were I.cited back for another evening with Tim's family! Unfortunately Tim was heaed for Boston. He dropped us off in the morning at the same place he had picked us up the day before. We were in for a nice walk through the college district of Tempe. Surrounded by ASU students and good food, our first stop was breakfast. The NCounter supplied some of the freshest eats ever. Veggies and eggs inside ua, we hit the streets more energized than ever.
To get into downtown Phoenix we had to walk through a bit of a rough patch, but nothing to bad. The downtown area was filled with bronze sculpture and big buildings. It was clean and comforting, but I had to pee. I was able to relieve myself at an Einstein bagelry where we opted to eat lunch.
Now all we needed to do was push toward our homestay and get passed some areas which we had been warned were rather rough. Mace in hand we treaded lightly. We passed some people who made our hair stand on end, but no one that looked to threatening. A young man in a leather jacket who was sporting a nice beard walked toward us on a thin sidewalk and even thought he looked ok I grabbed the mace just in case. As he got closer he slowly reached into his jacket pocket pulling something out and cupping it in his hand so that we couldnt see it. Kira stepped behind me in order to let him pass, but instead he stepped in toward my chest. Mace in hand I dodged back and raised my hand ready to spray. He casually stepped away from the open sidewalk on my right and into the bushes on my left. He walk away as if nothing had happened. Kira and I spent the rest of the day looking over our shoulder.
Just a little over two miles from Tim and Angies house we stopped to do some Christmas shopping. We called for a ride and I grabbed some beer to replace the ones that they had shared with us the evening before.
The rest of the evening consisted of Angie and her two daughters, Teresa and Tabbitha, along with TJ her son sharing stories over pizza and beer. I hit the sack with a big smile on my face and plans to return for one more evening.
To the Heritage family for hosting two strangers again and again,