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Day 175- Engagement

Day 175- Engagement


For all you who were is a quick story of our engagement. We woke up early with my family and headed out around 6:00. They were going to Disneyland for the day to celebrate my Uncle Pat's birthday, so they dropped us off at Cabazon on their way. Levi and I stopped in at the Diner and ate some breakfast. The place was really interestingly decorated with several 3D pictures and celebrity pictures priced and scattered on all the walls. The weather had called for rain, so we picked up some trash bags from our waitress and used them as ponchos over ourselves and the backpacks.

It lightly sprinkled, but after just a short amount of time we saw sunlight and took off the bags. We walked through the Cabazon outlets and stopped to use the restroom with the craziest automatic toilet seat covers that changed each time. We also chatted with a couple who was interested in our adventure. On we walked. Our destination for the evening was Fisherman's Retreat in the Timoteo Canyon of Redlands. I had emailed them a couple days prior, told them about our walk, asked how much a tent spot was and if they would be willing to comp us a spot. Mike, the manager, had emailed back within 10 minutes and instead offered a rental unit! We were excited to get there.

We were lucky in that it didn't ran the rest of the day. We talked with a Banning police officer who warned us of the area we were in. Levi picked up some fresh horseradish in town at a little store. We made a pit stop at starbucks for a cup of coffee/tea and to update our budget. My ankles felt the weight of the backpack, since we hadn't walked with them fully packed in a long time.

Finally, we arrived at Fisherman's retreat. Immediately we were welcomed by staff and the community. They were fantastic, making us feel like celebrities and taking our picture. They asked questions and made us feel at home. Then, we were led into the rental unit. It was great in there! A bedroom and bathroom, living room with electric fireplace, kitchen that they had stocked with steaks and corn to BBQ, marshmellows to roast, beer to drink, movies to watch, and a plethora of other things. We said thanks again to Hilda before she left. I took off my backpack and told Levi I was so overwhelmed that I nearly cried. Just as I finished saying that I saw him get on a knee with a red jewelery box and say something along the lines of, "I couldn't think of a better time to ask you to be my wife, will you marry me?" I said of course. (well, embarassingly the first words I said were, "oh, f***," because he really did surprise me, but then I said of course hehe). Levi still managed to surprise me, eventhough I knew it would be coming at any time before the end of trip. I had even picked up his jacket at one point and felt the ring in his pocket, so for knowing nearly so much and expecting the question to come, he did a wonderful job. He said he wanted to spend the whole evening engaged, so he wasted no time in asking. We cried a little. He asked again for fun since it happend so fast. At first the ring was too small, because my fingers were swollen from walking, but by the end of the night it fit great. We shared the news with our families, and then we spent the rest of the night inside the wonderful home they set up for us, safe from the rain that came down hard, eating tasty steaks with horseradish and watching good movies.

Thanks agian to all at Fisherman's Retreatl, you set up a fantastic night,