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Day 177- Mall Watching

Day 177- Mall Watching


It is strange writing website days after we have finished the trip. It really brings me back to our days on the road. Sorry for the delay, but we know we owe it to everyone to finish all our days on the website. So, please be patient with us in the last few updates.

On Day 177 we woke up at Salayha's family's house. Levi sat in the massage chair for a while and I wrote in my journal before we left the hosue with her brother. He dropped us off at the Comfort Inn where we started our walk without our packs. Salayha said she would pick us up for another night, and we were very thankful. Since we reached the Inland Empire, we knew we would be in dense city until the end and camping wouldn't really be an option.

The whole day we walked along the same road. After a mile we stopped to eat lunch at Dennys. We ate pretty quickly, because we were eager to get some good miles in for the day, but some people sitting near us were very loud and rude, that it was not the most pleasant dining experience. We kept walking past the many auto dealerships and repair shops. There were a few rough areas here and there, but not nearly as bad as we expected.

After a little bit I started not to feel very good again. My body was tired and I think I was dehydrated. We stopped at a subway to split a $5 footlong and drink lots of water. I felt much better after. The day passed quickly. Levi came back from the trip with a coldstone gift card, so I was craving some ice cream. We looked up if there was one along our route, and we found one at the Ontario Mills Mall. We were motivated the last part of the day by ice cream. We arrived and sat on a bench next to the Rainforest Cafe. We weren't able to find Coldstone, so insted I grabbed some frozen yogurt and we walked around the mall once while we waited for Salayha. Wow, we had not been to a mall in a long time, and I forgot how interesting people can be there! We had fun people watching :)

Salayha picked us up after her internship and took us back to her house. Her mom made chicken that Salayha put in a roaster, then her parents came over and her mom made us more chicken and beef kebabs! Boy, they spoiled us with delicious food. I took a shower and ate several cookies for dessert. Of course, I couldn't go to bed without getting in the massage chair for a while, but after a few massage sessions, I headed to bed.

Wow, how great the end of the trip was, Shikira