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Day 180- The Last Full Day

Day 180- The Last Full Day


Day 180 was the last full day of the trip, and it was great waking up at a friend's house. We were thankful to enjoy a homemade pancake breakfast with her family to honor her younger brother's birthday. We gathered up our things and headed out of the house. Lianna was so good to us, even though she was sick as a dog, poor thing! We said our goodbyes and started our day off at Target. 

The beginning of the day we went though a beautiful neighborhood in Alhambra where everyone was out walking their dogs or pushing their baby strollers. Many people had told us to avoid Lincoln Heights, but after talking to the girls the night before, they ensured us our route would be fine. We stayed on the main road, and it was no worse than some of the other areas we had previously been through. Plus, we bought some very delicious street burritos for lunch! We walked through the rest of the neighborhood, over a big bridge, and found ourselves in Chinatown. Bam!! Right smack in downtown LA in the hustle and bustle. I had fun being next to all the tall buildings. We met a couple people along the street, one really nice guy who had recently moved to LA from Portland, and another kinda crazy guy who asked to walk with us, but luckily was going the other way. I saw a Panaderia and we stopped to get a couple pieces of Pan. We ate while we walked, and found ourselves on Pico Blvd, the street that would take us all the way to the Pier! It was crazy that this whole trip was coming down to the end, and we found ourselves on the last main road. 

On we walked. We were excited to see our famiily in a few hours, so we were motivated to walk fast and finish for the day. When we made it to Santa Monica, Levi's Sister and her Father in Law picked us up. We ended our day with only 3.9 miles to the Pier. Sierra and Keith took us to James and Laurel's house, where they were staying. It was a beautiful apartment only a couple blocks from the beach. We (okay more like "I") ate many of Laurel's tasty chocolate chip cookies and chatted with all the family. At one point I went outside to check out the view from the deck. When I leaned over the deck I saw the ocean, and I was so overwhelmed I nearly cried. This whole time I had been in the middle of the country, walking from one coast to MY coast, the Pacific Ocean. Goodness, it felt so good! Growing up in Santa Cruz, I was blessed to live by the beach, and I realized how much I missed it in that very moment I saw it again. 

I went back inside to socialize while I waited for my Parent's to come. They arrived, and my sister surprised me too! We hung out for a while and then I left with my family while Levi stayed. I went out to dinner with my family and then we went to the hotel. I was happy to see the Rosas, who we had stayed with in the desert a few days prior, come out to see us finish. Everyone went down to the lobby to hang out, but I was exhausted. I took a shower, watched a little TV, and then I fell asleep soundly next to my sister. 

What a wonderful last f ull day,