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June Update

June Update


It has been quite some time since we have given everyone an update on our post-walk life. A year ago we were just a week away from starting our trip in NYC. Now that it has been five months since we finished, I have to remind myself about that crazy adventure we were on! It seems unreal to be honest. Life is much different now.

Levi and I are both working. Levi works in the Garden Department at Hilmar Lumber and is becoming quite knowledgeable with all those plants and flowers. We will have a great garden at our future home, that's for sure! I am working at LuLu's Ice Cream Parlor and Treatery just a couple blocks from the house. While Levi is working full time, I am only working part time right now. The extra time was really helpful when preparing for the wedding. June 1st was the most magical day for us. We enjoyed the day more than we even imagined! Our wedding was a "picnic" wedding, which means that everyone sat on blankets during the ceremony and moved their blanket around the dancefloor for the reception. We had both at Levi's parents home, and it was a gorgeous day and evening. Plus, we had our own little "tent city" where about 50 of our guests set up their tents to stay the whole night with us. So much fun! 

The next evening Levi and I set out for our Honeymoon adventure. We really didn't plan much prior to leaving. We knew we would drive up the coast to Seattle and drive back on I-5 to see Portland. Plus, many people blessed us with fun activties on our honeyfund registry, so we would try to check off as many of those as we could along the way. The first night we made it to the coast, driving only a couple hours. We camped late and woke up early. Immediately we enjoyed HWY 101 and driving along the coast. So gorgeous! We camped again, this time setting up a little more and preparing a meal. The next night we stayed at a nice hotel right on the cliff with a view of the ocean right in our room. It was so great! We took turns driving, listening to good music and enjoying the scenery. In Seattle we had a fancy hotel downtown and then a fancy dinner! But we could only do so much fancy, so we ended our night at a couple local dive-bars. The next morning we visited the Space Needle, the EMP museum, and UDub campus before heading out of the city. More camping then into Portland where we caught the very end of the Rose Festival Parade. We visited the block of food trucks, went to McMenamins "The Kennedy School" which is a restored elementary school complete with a movie theather where they served us dinner while we watched Oblivion on couches. To end the night we visited Voodoo Doughnut and were caught in traffic from the thousands of naked bikers on their annual ride. Levi and I left Portland and went to Fall Creek Lake, where we spent the whole day relaxing, enjoying the water and nature's beauty, and eating delicious BBQ skirt steak. When we woke the next morning we were gearing up towards home. We weren't exactly sure if we would make it all the way, but we packed up and started driving. A few hours in we decided to go river rafting, so we went to Galice Resort in Merlin, OR and rented a double inflatable kayak right before closing for a nice trek down Rogue River. It was so calm and peaceful that Monday afternoon, and it was just what we needed to end our fantastic Honeymoon. 

Now we are back in Turlock! While I was the leader in the "wedding project," Levi is the leader in our future home, aka "Tiny House." A few days ago we purchased our 21foot trailer! Step one, complete. There will be many small projects in preparation for building, but we hope to start building at the new year. Between then and now I will take some classes in fall and prepare for applying to an Occupational Therapy Program. I also hope to slowly chip away at our future book on our walk. I know it will probably take at least a year to get to anything worth publishing, but even if it takes us five years, I very much look forward to writing it! We are enjoying married life, although we both agree that it doesn't feel a whole lot different than before. We already felt like a married couple :) Now it is summer, and we hope to do some more camping, and I very much want to go to Yosemite! I have never been and we live so close now that there are no excuses. 

I hope that everyone is doing well! We think about all of you who we met along the way everyday. We are still so very thankful for everyone that stopped to say hi, those who took us into their homes, those who bought us lunch, those who gave us some company. To personally thank each and every one of you would take us nearly as long as our trip took us, although we really do owe that to everyone. But know that we have some great memories and value all of the memories we have of each and every one of you, and we would love if you shot us a comment/message on our FB page to say hello! 

Happy Summer Everyone,