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Day 3-A Good Day

Day 3-A Good Day


Let's see here. I don't know if Levi mentioned the erie lights from night 2 in the corn field, but it did disrupt my sleep a bit and made it hard to get up in the morning. Waking up all sticky from the humidity is different, and I told Levi that we must find a place to bathe. After we packed up our tent and gear we set off to try and finally get to that 20 mile goal. 

The first town we went through was Cranbury. I absolutely loved the quaintness of this town. It was very small with beautiful humble little homes, a nice lake area, and of course all the trees we have been seeing along the way. We passed by a historic museum, and I asked Levi if we could see if we could pick up some post cards. That was another goal of the day: to find some postcards! Sure enough we ran into the sweetest older lady, Ginny, who showed us the little souvenir selection. We picked up some postcards, and Ginny threw in some stickers and we were on our way again. 

Only ten minutes later we saw the perfect creek to pull over to! I was thrilled. We dropped our packs, gathered our dirty clothes (which was nearly everything), our dr.bronners soap and jumped in! Well, we didn't exactly jump in, because the deepest part was mid-thigh. I told Levi I was so happy I could almost cry, because getting in the cool water and getting the layers of salty sweat off my body was amazing. 

An hour later we continued on. I was doing pretty good, but the 7.8 miles we had to do was the longest stretch we attempted yet. Two o'clock rolled around and I needed a meal! the snacks were not cutting it. Levi and I have started to recognize a pattern in my grumpiness around lunchtime. Sure enough, that happened. A man stopped to say hi and advised us to go around Trenton, our headed destination. I insisted on stopping to check our maps on his phone, and at this point I just needed to sit down for a minute. I asked Levi if he minded if I closed my eyes while he looked up if we should find a roundabout around Trenton or not. The nap I took was so needed. After not getting the best nights sleep and walking in the heat, I was revived. We agreed upon heading towards Lawrence instead and I spotted a Hooters 4.6 miles away. After the nap, I was ready to get there and eat! It was the first time him or I had been to Hooters and it was a fun experience, but I did not think the wings were as good as Little Tampicos in Santa Cruz at all. However, I was just very happy to have a full stomach. 

At this point we didn't have much daylight left so we decided to stop in the Shop Rite and then walk another mile or so to a good camp spot. We were only in the store for about two minutes when an outgoing girl came up to me and asked the usual questions about our trip. However, she then asked if we had anywhere to stay and offered her family's home. I graciously accepted. When she walked away, I told Levi I was so happy I could cry (for the second time today!) except I actually did this time :) I was so happy to know I would get a good night's sleep and not have to worry about being scared of anything. 

After shopping Levi and I walked the bit over 4 miles to Anna's house and it was a struggle. Toward the end there my feet felt so horrible that I took Levi up on his offer to carry my pack for a couple blocks. But, the walk helped us reach our 20 mile goal! When we arrived we were so welcomed by this amazing family. They let us shower, gave us chocolate milk and cookies, and let us set up our tent in the back yard. I was happy Anna suggested we put up the rainfly, because sure enough it rained a bit this morning. 

Now, we have been sitting in their kitchen. Anna made a delicious breakfast including homemade blueberry muffins, and I am in good spirits. I definitely have about 6 blisters, the two worst on my two pinky toes which makes me a bit nervous, but I am ready for the start of day four!