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Day 11- The Swing of Things

Day 11- The Swing of Things

Hey yal,

We grabbed a banana on the way out the door at Mo's house because we knew we were in for a 20 mile day. Hunting for a diner, or any place to eat really, we finally found Columbia Diner a couple miles in to our day. A nice woman gave us twenty dollars toward breakfast because she said she knew we were walking for a good cause. We both knew that we would be donating that money to FeedingAmerica and that is just what we did.

Calories, calories, calories! A man named Jay stopped to with a lunch time hoagie and some Gatorade, but Kira doesn't like sandwiches so I ate it. Next we stopped at Wendys so that Kira could pick up some much needed calories. Jessie stopped her in line and offered to buy her meal. The kindness doesn't stop thier, when we stopped for ice cream a couple miles up the road Bill picked up the tab. We were making good time, partly in thanks to all the food, and it looked like we would be making into Hallam (our goal) at around 5:30pm. With only a couple miles left I insisted we make one more ice cream stop at Jim Macks Ice Cream and Mini Golf. The food was so cheap it was insane! We got a heaping banana split with all the toppings, nuts, cherries, possibly pineapple, whipped cream and more, for only a little over 4 bucks.

Into Hallam we went riding on a wave of calories and sugar. Nicki, our host, was off at softball camp so we just let ourselves in. We were greeted with a fresh bedding and towels. The furniture in the apartment was large and very comfortable; we sunk into the sofa and watched Family Fued until Nicki and Rebecca got home. We talked about softball, flight attending, family, and the differences between the west and east coast for a few hours before they left us to doze off on the couch. We eventually made our way into bed.

Twenty miles is getting a lot easier. Our feet still hurt but not nearly as much and blisters aren't popping up on a regular basis like they did in the beggining. We make it further between breaks and we tend to make our breaks count for something (mostly for food). We have learned to nap when we need to. The end of the day is getting less scary and we know just how far to push ourselves. We are really getting to know our bodies in a new and strange way. I would really like to start a stretching routine. I would like to see what Day 30, 50, 75, and 125 have in store for us physically and mentally.

To adventures yet to come,


P.S. I forgot to mention the 8 week old yorkie that Nicki and Rebecca had! She was a tiny little fireball of excitement named Gracie.